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Cape Town International Departures Looking Great

We tried out the new departures terminal at Cape Town International this morning and we were very impressed. The new terminal which opened on Saturday truly is international quality and will be a massive positive for Cape Town going forward. Now we looking forward to the new arrivals section opening in 2010!
Good on ACSA - we see they even copied us and used the same lifts that we have recently installed at Stor-Age (Tokai). They really have raised their game! The other great thing about this morning was that we didn't need to catch a bus and be ferried to our plane sitting alongside the N2 after parking off in a tent for a while. Today, we were able to make use of a shoot and walk straight into the plane - it really was amazing!
cape town international airport
New check-in counters - lots of space and easy to use!

cape town international departure lounge

The departure lounge was great - with full views of the runway!

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 09 November 2009