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Five Things You Find Out When You Are A Wife

One of the most memorable moments of life is arguably the day you get married. From then on you live your life with another person other than your parents and siblings. During the infamous "honeymoon" period what may once have been a cute anecdote about your partner becomes reality and suddenly not so cute. There are most certainly a myriad of things you may discover about your partner so we decided to keep it short and punchy. This then, is five things you find out when you become a wife.

1. You look beautiful in everything
Your husband may give you the plain answer you are expecting to the question, "Do I look fat in this?" There are two thing he is thinking at this time. One, she is my wife and she looks beautiful in everything and two, what mood is she in so I can decide to tell her she is gorgeous no matter what or hit her with the truth. The real truth is he doesn't really care what you decide so long as you do it quickly!

2. He is still a boy at heart
Just watch him during his favourite sport or hobby and you will realise that it puts him in a different world. One where he was going to score the winning goal, hit the winning runs, score the fastest try or be the world champion. You may also found that pulling pranks on his friends (and possibly you) gets as much laughter as you will see from him. Sometimes you are going to have to just let him be a boy.

3. Watching a movie together is his way of bonding
Remember that time the smooth French speaking Jean-Claude took you on a helicopter ride around the Greek Islands as you at chocolate strawberries and drank champagne by candle-light? Neither does he. Talking about feelings is not something that men are comfortable with and just sitting next you in a movie can be as bonding for him as a deep discussion is for you.

4. There are only two types of shoes, black and brown

Shopping my be a wonderful past time for women and rightly so, take a look at the variety of colour, shape and decorations in the women's shoe department. Now take a stroll over to the men's section. You will find two things. One the shoe wall is one tenth that of the women' and two they are only black or brown, not including running shoes. Having grown up with only these choices your husband will simply not understand that the black one with a heel is different to the black one with a heel and a slightly darker black stripe.

5. He really wants your approval
Almost everything your husband does before you are married is to impress you. This doesn't go away when you are married but the reaction and the praise does. This doesn't mean you have to act like you have just been given Cleopatra's kingdom whenever he brings home a rose but a simple thank you, love you or I appreciate you, can go a long way to boosting your husband's confidence. The up side is that he is more likely to do this again if he knows you appreciate it.

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 15 July 2016 | Take A Break
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