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Picup’s strategies for smart and simple business deliveries

Antonio Bruni founded Picup in 2014 to rapidly innovate the logistics industry in South Africa. By merging smart technology with a crowd-sourced driver network, Antonio and his tea... Read More
Innovative logistics company Picup reveal how they rapidly revolutionised deliveries in South Africa. Read More

17 September 2021 |SME

Meet Picup, the logistics company revolutionising deliveries in South Africa

Every brilliant idea starts with a spark. Antonio Bruni’s came in the form of a Black Friday catastrophe. With thousands of orders coming in, the logistics specialist got to ... Read More
Discover how the team at Picup grew their humble logistics start-up into an industry leader. Read More

10 September 2021 |SME

One of South Africa’s leading beauty brands reveals its secret to success

Beauty is not only a way to enhance the surface, but what lies beneath as well. From a bold brow to an edgy up-do, it can give people the confidence to achieve anything they set th... Read More
Brand owner and influencer Vanessa Plaatjie shares a number of important tips on how to be successful in the beauty industry. Read More

03 September 2021 |SME

This glam guru is taking beauty to the next level in South Africa

Beauty can be many things; a breathtaking painting or a bold eye makeup, but for brand owner and beauty influencer Vanessa Plaatjie, it’s the feeling of unwavering strength a... Read More
In this blog, we dive into the story of Vee Rose Gold, a local brand breaking beauty boundaries and empowering South Africans to look and feel unstoppable. Read More

27 August 2021 |SME

Meet Nka’Thuto Edu Propeller, the organisation developing the leaders of the tomorrow

Our youth have the potential to change the world, but do they have the opportunity to? As one of only a few science graduates in her community, Thandeka Mhlanga knows the barriers ... Read More
Read our blog to discover how this organisation is sparking hope for the nation with science, technology and innovation. Read More

13 August 2021 |SME

This mountain bike race is driving hope for rural communities in South Africa

joberg2c is not for the faint of heart. As the longest mountain biking stage race in South Africa, it covers 900 kilometres of mostly dirt road and can take approximately nine days... Read More
In this blog, we dive into the journey of joberg2c, a gruelling 9-day mountain biking stage race that is carving hope for rural communities across South Africa. Read More

30 July 2021 |SME

Uncovering the secret ingredient to Porto Fish and Chips’ success

Every special dish has a secret ingredient. For many, it’s a unique blend of herbs and spices or a complex cooking method that has been passed down over the ages. However, fo... Read More
In this blog post, Porto Fish and Chips share the secret ingredient to their success and what has made their peri-peri sauce a favourite in households across South Africa. Read More

09 July 2021 |SME

Meet Porto Fish and Chips, the family business forging connection with food

For Wendy-lee Filipe spreading joy through food runs in her family. It all started in 1970 when her grandfather, Francisco Gonçalves Filipe left his home in Madeira in searc... Read More
In today’s blog, we plunge into the story of Porto Fish and Chips, a family business that has been serving up succulent fish and chips with a dash of their secret peri-peri sauce for three generations! Read More

02 July 2021 |SME

How to build a sustainable business that protects the planet

When adventurer Jacques de Villiers got the opportunity to explore California’s renowned Yosemite National Park, he knew it would be a life-changing experience. However, he c... Read More
When it comes to travel, buying products isn’t necessarily sustainable, but what about renting? Read our blog to discover how Scuttle cracked the code to sustainable consumerism. Read More

25 June 2021 |SME

Meet Scuttle, the trailblazers of sustainable travel

The great outdoors offers people the chance to escape, explore and reconnect with their roots. However, for adventurer Jacques de Villiers, it offered him something that would chan... Read More
Is it possible to explore the natural world without damaging it? Read our blog to discover how South Africa's leading product rental company is paving the way to a more sustainable future. Read More

18 June 2021 |SME