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Students Select Stor-Age For Animatic Project

We spotted this great student project online by Kelly van Niekerk, who is currently studying to be a copywriter at Red&Yellow. We asked if she would let us know why she decided to choose Stor-Age as her subject and what she was thinking when she developed the creative.

"At Red&Yellow we are given a new practical advertising brief every three to four weeks. Our year is then separated in to teams of one copywriter and one art director and is given a list of brands to choose from. Last month we were asked to come up with a TV ad in the form of an animatic (a partially animated script). A choice that usually takes a day or two took around 5 minutes when we found Stor-Age on the list.

Why did we choose Stor-Age? Because it’s easy (don’t get us wrong, my art director Shannon and I don’t like to shy away from a challenge). It’s easy because it is not a brand that we have to fool people into wanting - EVERYBODY wants and needs space. It is also easy because we can relate to it. I’ve moved many times, having to leave various pieces of furniture at my ex’s houses and cringing at the thought of having to pick them up. There are also literally hundreds of scenarios where people find themselves in need of storage solutions and that set our creativity into overdrive.

Behance project on Stor-Age Self Storage
Click here to watch the student Stor-Age video on Behance
We’ve both noticed Stor-Age branches popping up all over Cape Town and were curious about the company. I personally love the line: “It might just be stuff but it’s your stuff”. It hits close to home since I personally have a storage room (read: treasure trove) full of all my toys, books and comics which my mom considers junk but I consider veritable gold. Both of us enjoyed the youthful tone that the brand used because we knew we could work with it to make something fresh, fun and relevant.

Our ad targets young professionals who are starting to get settled in life. They are at the age where they may be moving in with their partners or just want to streamline their life. These people have accumulated a lot of stuff over the years and instead of selling it or throwing it away would rather store it. We wanted to show them how much more comfortable life is when you have a little space."

If you would like to see more their student work you can look their online portfolios on Behance.
Kelly van Niekerk (Copywriter)
Shannon Dudley (Art Director)

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 19 September 2014 | Videos