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Ecorbit: Building transformational medical solutions in South Africa

When the COVID-19 pandemic surged across South Africa, many businesses were forced to close their doors and suspend operations indefinitely. With little knowledge of risk managemen... Read More
Tackling complex medical supply chain projects with innovation, Ecorbit is helping businesses best the pandemic. Find out more here. Read More

25 February 2022 |SME

6 essentials items every home office should have

If we told you a few years ago that you could wake up, join your weekly meeting and start your workday all from the comfort of your bed, you probably would’ve called us crazy... Read More
Remote working has plenty of perks, but it also comes with constant distractions. Discover 6 items every home office should have here. Read More

18 February 2022 |Tips And Hints

Corporate Mall: Making remote working a success in South Africa

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, everything changed. Many people’s lives were thrown into disarray, but in the aftermath, we discovered a new way of socialising, connecting an... Read More
Today, we talk to Corporate Mall, a local e-commerce business making remote working comfortable and convenient for all with their wide range of innovative products. Read More

11 February 2022 |SME

Picup’s strategies for smart and simple business deliveries

Antonio Bruni founded Picup in 2014 to rapidly innovate the logistics industry in South Africa. By merging smart technology with a crowd-sourced driver network, Antonio and his tea... Read More
Innovative logistics company Picup reveal how they rapidly revolutionised deliveries in South Africa. Read More

17 September 2021 |SME

Meet Picup, the logistics company revolutionising deliveries in South Africa

Every brilliant idea starts with a spark. Antonio Bruni’s came in the form of a Black Friday catastrophe. With thousands of orders coming in, the logistics specialist got to ... Read More
Discover how the team at Picup grew their humble logistics start-up into an industry leader. Read More

10 September 2021 |SME

The show must go on: How to succeed in the events industry during a pandemic

What makes an occasion memorable? Is it the lights, audio or extravagant decor? For events company Congress Rental South Africa, it’s all of the above and more. As the leadin... Read More
Will the events industry survive the pandemic? Read our blog to discover how Congress Rental South Africa is innovating a new way forward. Read More

11 June 2021 |SME

Meet Congress Rental South Africa, the conference specialists revolutionising events

Events are designed to enthral, captivate and move people. From the gaudy lights and decor to otherworldly audio and visuals, there are numerous things that go into creating a memo... Read More
What does the future of conferences look like? Read our blog to find out how conference specialists, Congress Rental South Africa, are revolutionising business events. Read More

04 June 2021 |SME

How to optimise space in your store

Whether an informal trader, boutique store owner or founder of a pop-up; those in the retail industry know all too well how important space is and how frustrating it can be when yo... Read More
Those in the retail industry know all too well how important space is and how frustrating it can be when you run out of it. Here we share a few tips to help you make the very most out of your retail space. Read More

11 March 2019 |SME|Tips And Hints

B. In Order and Stor-Age work together

B. In Order, a company specialised in making the process of moving stress-free and organised, has partnered with Stor-Age for some time. They handle every aspect of a move from dec... Read More
It is great to work alongside companies, such as B. In Order, that share a similar passion to ours, focused on helping everyday South Africans and businesses with their clutter and storage needs. Here we share how our two companies can make your next move as efficient as possible. Read More

06 March 2019 |Minimalism|SME

Hospitality business shares advice

Tesema Hospitality Supplies (T-HS), established in March 2017, specialises in sourcing, rental and tableware wholesaling for catering businesses, event planners, hospitality venues... Read More
Tesema Hospitality Supplies is the manifestation of Tebogo Mashego’s life-long dream of owning her own business. As a business customer at Stor-Age Randburg, Tebogo took the time to talk to us about how she succeeded in living out her dream of owning her own business. Here is her story Read More

20 February 2019 |Events and Marketing|SME