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joberg2c’s tips to creating the ultimate mountain biking stage race

Ride the beloved country! The renowned joberg2c is a mountain biking stage race designed to challenge, inspire and uplift those who cross its path. The 900-kilometre route was carv... Read More
joberg2c reveal how they carved a renowned trail that is powering hope for rural communities across the country. Read More

06 August 2021 |Tips And Hints

The show must go on: How to succeed in the events industry during a pandemic

What makes an occasion memorable? Is it the lights, audio or extravagant decor? For events company Congress Rental South Africa, it’s all of the above and more. As the leadin... Read More
Will the events industry survive the pandemic? Read our blog to discover how Congress Rental South Africa is innovating a new way forward. Read More

11 June 2021 |SME

Meet Congress Rental South Africa, the conference specialists revolutionising events

Events are designed to enthral, captivate and move people. From the gaudy lights and decor to otherworldly audio and visuals, there are numerous things that go into creating a memo... Read More
What does the future of conferences look like? Read our blog to find out how conference specialists, Congress Rental South Africa, are revolutionising business events. Read More

04 June 2021 |SME