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Uncovering the secret ingredient to Porto Fish and Chips’ success

Every special dish has a secret ingredient. For many, it’s a unique blend of herbs and spices or a complex cooking method that has been passed down over the ages. However, fo... Read More
In this blog post, Porto Fish and Chips share the secret ingredient to their success and what has made their peri-peri sauce a favourite in households across South Africa. Read More

09 July 2021 |SME

Meet Porto Fish and Chips, the family business forging connection with food

For Wendy-lee Filipe spreading joy through food runs in her family. It all started in 1970 when her grandfather, Francisco Gonçalves Filipe left his home in Madeira in searc... Read More
In today’s blog, we plunge into the story of Porto Fish and Chips, a family business that has been serving up succulent fish and chips with a dash of their secret peri-peri sauce for three generations! Read More

02 July 2021 |SME