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Uncovering the secret ingredient to Porto Fish and Chips’ success

Every special dish has a secret ingredient. For many, it’s a unique blend of herbs and spices or a complex cooking method that has been passed down over the ages. However, fo... Read More
In this blog post, Porto Fish and Chips share the secret ingredient to their success and what has made their peri-peri sauce a favourite in households across South Africa. Read More

09 July 2021 |SME

How to create the ultimate indoor braai room

Braaing is undoubtedly one of the most popular activities in South Africa. It’s not just a favourite pastime for many of us, but a part of the country’s rich heritage. ... Read More
Are you the ultimate braai master? Read our blog to discover how you can create the perfect indoor braai room. Read More

01 June 2021 |Tips And Hints