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Students get 30% off self storage

The academic holidays are fast-approaching and with that comes a time for students to start planning their down time. In preparation for the holidays, many students need to pack up... Read More
Self storage is the perfect solution to your student holiday storage needs. Simply present your valid student card at any of our stores (we have over 50 across the country) or complete our online student survey and you will receive 30% off of your self storage unit rental. Read More

24 October 2018 |News And Events|Student

How Self Storage Can Pay For Your Next Holiday

The life an adventurer is full of thrill and excitement. Travelling from one destination to another and experiencing what the world has to offer can be exhilarating. It can also be... Read More
Self storage not only provides a safe place to store your valuables while you travel, but it also provides an opportunity to open up space to in your home that you can rent out. Read More