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Picup’s strategies for smart and simple business deliveries

Antonio Bruni founded Picup in 2014 to rapidly innovate the logistics industry in South Africa. By merging smart technology with a crowd-sourced driver network, Antonio and his tea... Read More
Innovative logistics company Picup reveal how they rapidly revolutionised deliveries in South Africa. Read More

17 September 2021 |SME

Meet Picup, the logistics company revolutionising deliveries in South Africa

Every brilliant idea starts with a spark. Antonio Bruni’s came in the form of a Black Friday catastrophe. With thousands of orders coming in, the logistics specialist got to ... Read More
Discover how the team at Picup grew their humble logistics start-up into an industry leader. Read More

10 September 2021 |SME

Five tips to make your logistics business flourish

As technology continues to develop, so do consumers. They demand cheaper, faster and more efficient product delivery. This of course has a profound effect on all industries and bus... Read More
An increasing number of transport and logistics companies are looking towards self storage as an effective and efficient means of storing products that are soon to be transported to their new owner. Here are a few tips on how these can companies can improve their service offerings Read More

27 February 2019 |SME|Tips And Hints