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Best spots to watch wildflowers bloom on the West Coast

Once a year, South Africa bursts into pure technicolour bliss. From the lush farmlands near Darling to the N1 highway, wildflowers sprout from every corner of the Cape to put on a ... Read More
In this blog, we uncover five of the best spots on the West Coast to watch wildflowers bloom. Read More

07 September 2021 |Travel

How to store honey

Whether a big brown bear or a tiny toddler, everyone loves honey. The delectable liquid has become a staple in kitchens around the world and is lovingly drizzled on almost anything... Read More
Whether for its healing properties or delicious flavour, honey is a favourite in households around the world. Read our blog for a few simple tips that will make your honey last as long as possible. Read More

03 August 2021 |Tips And Hints

Breathtaking hiking trails in Cape Town

From unspoiled nature reserves to rugged mountain ranges, Cape Town boasts some of the most spectacular landscapes in the country. While a scenic drive might be a more relaxing way... Read More
From unspoiled nature reserves to rugged mountain ranges, Cape Town boasts some of the most spectacular landscapes in the country. Soak up these sights and more on these breathtaking hiking trails. Read More

06 July 2021 |Travel

How to build a sustainable business that protects the planet

When adventurer Jacques de Villiers got the opportunity to explore California’s renowned Yosemite National Park, he knew it would be a life-changing experience. However, he c... Read More
When it comes to travel, buying products isn’t necessarily sustainable, but what about renting? Read our blog to discover how Scuttle cracked the code to sustainable consumerism. Read More

25 June 2021 |SME

Bucket list adventures on the Garden Route

South Africa is famous for many things; its big 5 safaris, flavour-filled cuisine and rich heritage. For some though, it’s better known for its adrenaline-pumping adventures.... Read More
There’s no better place to get your heart racing than along the Garden Route. Feel a thrill like no other with these bucket list adventures. Read More

22 June 2021 |Travel

Meet Scuttle, the trailblazers of sustainable travel

The great outdoors offers people the chance to escape, explore and reconnect with their roots. However, for adventurer Jacques de Villiers, it offered him something that would chan... Read More
Is it possible to explore the natural world without damaging it? Read our blog to discover how South Africa's leading product rental company is paving the way to a more sustainable future. Read More

18 June 2021 |SME

Best game reserves to visit near Johannesburg, Gauteng

With big five game safaris only a few hours outside of JHB, plenty of people take advantage each weekend to immerse themselves in the bushveld. In recent months, these reserves hav... Read More
Need a break from the city? Read our blog for some of the best game reserves near JHB for your next African adventure. Read More

08 June 2021 |Adventure