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Top ways to stay active this winter

With the temperature decreasing and the desire to stay curled up under the blankets increasing, you may find yourself accidentally slipping into a state of partial hibernation. If ... Read More
If the icy weather and constant downpour have you worried about packing on a bit of winter weight - worry no more! To help keep you moving and healthy, we look at the top ways to stay active this winter. Read More

24 May 2022 |Tips And Hints

Shan’s Accessories: Making ordinary cars extraordinary with quality modifications

When it comes to our cars, more is simply more. Whether sprucing it up with a bold body kit or giving your car a classic paint job, a quality modification can make heads turn from ... Read More
Based in Edenvale, Shan’s Accessories takes ordinary cars to the next level with its trendy accessories and detailing. Discover the driving force behind this local business in our blog. Read More

13 May 2022 |SME

Top tips on creating a home library

For bookworms, World Book Day - coming up on 23 April - is like their version of a sporting enthusiasts Rugby World Cup. It’s an excuse to buy a few books from their ever-gro... Read More
With World Book Day right around the corner on 23 April, there is no better time to indulge your inner bookworm and create a beautiful home library. For the best tips on organising your books to building custom shelves, check out our blog. Read More

19 April 2022 |Tips And Hints

Five ways self storage can benefit your life

Have you ever had one of those moments when you looked around your home and wished you had just a little more room? Perhaps it was the time you had to struggle to open an overstuff... Read More
If you need extra room in your home, check out our latest blog as we look at the top ways self storage can benefit your life. Read More

14 April 2022 |Tips And Hints

Five ways to repurpose your storage boxes this Easter

Welcome to the sweetest time of the year, when bunnies abound, and it is totally acceptable to have chocolate for breakfast. Yup, it's almost Easter.  With bright colours... Read More
To help elevate your festivities, we have rounded up the top five ways to repurpose your storage boxes this Easter. Read More

06 April 2022 |Tips And Hints

The best way to store electronics in a storage unit

lthough electronics are designed to make our lives more convenient, storing them can be quite a hassle. With incredibly delicate and complex internal components, the slightest bit ... Read More
What happens to electronics when you leave them in a storage unit? Well, nothing if you store them correctly! If you’re wondering how to keep your gadgets in great shape, head to our latest blog for a few tips on storing electronics. Read More

01 April 2022 |Tips And Hints

The Eastern Cape’s most incredible national parks

Hugging South Africa’s stunning coastline, the Eastern Cape is a world of its own. Here, nearly 170 000 kilometres of diverse landscape marry to create a breathtaking provinc... Read More
To experience the Eastern Cape in all its splendour, make a stop at one of these incredible national parks. Find our more here. Read More

22 March 2022 |Travel

One of South Africa’s favourite coffee suppliers spills the beans

For Wendy Kruger, coffee is so much more than a beverage. Whether in the office or at home, the steamy cups have the power to bring people together and foster joy, connection and i... Read More
Today's Local Business Spotlight speaks to coffee supplier Brewfix, and uncovers how they turned these remarkable beans into their bread and butter. Read More

23 April 2021 |SME

Tips for starting a business with limited space

Are your plans to start a business challenged by a need for space? While it’s possible to start a business from your home, there may be times when you need a little bit more.... Read More
Whether you’re starting an e-commerce store, a craft studio or an accounting firm, here are a few tips for starting a business with limited space. Read More

09 April 2021 |SME

Tips to transform your garage into a home gym

The pandemic has changed many aspects of life, such as working remotely and swapping out gym sessions with home workouts. In the same way that many people have discovered how produ... Read More
Looking to set up your own home gym? Here are a few tips to get you started at minimum effort and cost. Read More

06 April 2021 |Tips And Hints