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How to celebrate Valentine's Day in Cape Town

Ah, Valentine’s Day. A day of chocolate comas, plush teddy bear presents and sweet romantic gestures that make you squeal with joy. While romantics flock to the Eiffel Tower ... Read More
If you’re looking for adventure, relaxation or all the soppy romance you can get, here are a few idyllic ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the Mother City. Read More

08 February 2022 |Travel

Need a fresh start? Discover the many benefits of minimalism

Take a minute to look around your home. Whether stashed away in cupboards or stacked in corners, there’s undoubtedly a heap of clutter somewhere in your home. It’s a co... Read More
If you’re looking for a fresh start but are a bit sceptical about the bare and basic trend of minimalism, here are a few benefits that might change your mind. Read More

01 February 2022 |Minimalism

Appliance and Furniture King: The royal retailers giving homes the look for less

What would our homes be without quality appliances and comfy furniture? Think about it. From our morning cup of coffee to evenings spent entertaining family and friends, the useful... Read More
Discover how these royal retailers are helping homes get the ultimate look for less. Read More

28 January 2022 |SME

Your go-to-guide for shopping at a scratch and dent store

We all love a good bargain. Much like a cheetah crouches in the bush hunting a herd of impala, so many of us scour the aisles of Makro looking for a ridiculous discount on a dishwa... Read More
Follow this go-to guide for bargain hunters to get the best value for money on your next shopping spree. Read More

21 January 2022 |Tips And Hints

The best way to spend a day out in Bellville

Nestled in the heart of the northern suburbs, Bellville brims with unsuspecting adventure. With views of the Cape Winelands and Stellenbosch’s majestic mountains, the town ha... Read More
Discover a few of the best ways to experience this family-friendly neighbourhood in this blog. Read More

18 January 2022 |Travel

Campaigning for Cancer’s tips to making a difference

In South Africa, being diagnosed with cancer is often seen as a death sentence. Campaigning for Cancer was founded in 2008 to change that. By providing patients in rural and lower-... Read More
In this blog, Campaigning for Cancer share a few key ways you can get involved and help someone in need. Read More

01 October 2021 |Tips And Hints

How one organisation is combatting the greatest challenges associated with cancer

Cancer can affect anyone. It’s not biased towards a certain race, gender or class. Yet, an estimated 70% of deaths from the disease occur in low- and middle-income countries.... Read More
Discover Campaigning for Cancer’s awe-inspiring story and how the team is empowering those impacted by this disease around the nation. Read More

24 September 2021 |Charity

Celebrate Heritage Day with these proudly South African dishes

What does it mean to be South African? Is it the crackle of juicy boerewors on the braai, a plate of pap and chakalaka at a shisa nyama or digging into an aunty’s aromatic bi... Read More
Discover 5 proudly South African sides that are essential to every Heritage Day celebration. Read More

21 September 2021 |Tips And Hints

Picup’s strategies for smart and simple business deliveries

Antonio Bruni founded Picup in 2014 to rapidly innovate the logistics industry in South Africa. By merging smart technology with a crowd-sourced driver network, Antonio and his tea... Read More
Innovative logistics company Picup reveal how they rapidly revolutionised deliveries in South Africa. Read More

17 September 2021 |SME

Our 53rd store has opened its doors, Stor-Age Cresta!

We are excited to announce that we have officially opened our 53rd store in Cresta’s bustling business district! This spectacular store is ideally located opposite the Cresta... Read More
Ideally located opposite the Cresta Shopping Centre alongside Beyers Naudé Drive, Stor-Age Cresta is one of our most spectacular developments to date. Find out why here. Read More

14 September 2021 |New Stores