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Best South African beach towns to visit this summer

South Africa’s coastline is peppered with seaside towns, each more unique and remarkable than the last. Spanning over 2 800 kilometres, the sunkissed stretch is abounding wit... Read More
South Africa’s coastline is teeming with some of the best beach towns to unwind and soak up the summer. Here are 7 seaside havens guaranteed to take your breath away. Read More

25 January 2022 |Travel

How to enjoy summer responsibly

This year, the festive season will be celebrated a little bit differently than in previous years. The Covid-19 pandemic is still a reality and we’re all reminded to relax res... Read More
Here are a few simple ways to enjoy the summer, without putting yourself or your loved ones at unnecessary risk. Read More

17 November 2020 |Tips And Hints

Preparing for Summer

With the days warming up, many of us are starting to think about the glorious days of summer that lie ahead. While we do, now is a great time to pack away the winter items that oft... Read More
With the days warming up, many of us are starting to think about the glorious days of summer that lie ahead. In this blog post we share a few tips on how to prepare your home for the summer months. Read More

27 October 2020 |Tips And Hints

GoodLuck launches their first music studio and GoodLuck HQ

The success of GoodLuck stemmed from humble beginnings seven years ago in the garage of Ben Peter’s childhood home. Since then, GoodLuck has grown in popularity both locally ... Read More
We congratulate GoodLuck on their studio launch and we are excited to see how their music and their passion continues to reach successful milestones. Read More

Cape Town’s drought journey – living a water-conscious lifestyle

Summer is fast approaching, and with it the predicted lack of rain. Day Zero warnings and our #6BFORME campaign feel like a distant memory as Cape Town City’s six largest res... Read More
Cape Town’s drought journey has been a long one, but one that highlights the power of community in preventing a disaster. This public awareness needs to continue in order to prevent another drought this summer. Read More

18 October 2018 |News And Events|Tips And Hints

Vacate for Vacay With The Stor-Age Student Special

Are you a student who studies away from home? Have you got exams coming up? Are you worried about moving out of your res or digs before holiday? Worry no more, the Stor-Age Student... Read More
Stor-Age are offering unique discount to our students with deals that offer up to thirty percent off of the standard rental rate between November and January. Read More

21 November 2016 |News And Events

Summer Is Almost Here - This Is What You Should Have In Storage

The South African Weather Service regards the beginning of December as summer, a time of year when we see many of our customers visit their self storage units to make the seasonal ... Read More
During the winter months our customers store sports equipment, pool equipment, recreational motorbikes and cars as well as seasonal clothing. Read More

17 October 2016 |Tips And Hints