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Celebrate Heritage Day with these proudly South African dishes

What does it mean to be South African? Is it the crackle of juicy boerewors on the braai, a plate of pap and chakalaka at a shisa nyama or digging into an aunty’s aromatic bi... Read More
Discover 5 proudly South African sides that are essential to every Heritage Day celebration. Read More

21 September 2021 |Tips And Hints

How to store biltong

South Africa is famed for many things; the Springboks, spitbraais and of course, the great Nelson Mandela. Yet there are few things more South African than ripping open a brown pap... Read More
In this blog, we share the best practices for storing your beloved biltong. Read More

31 August 2021 |Tips And Hints

Top 5 coffee shops to work from in Cape Town

Whether you’re a seasoned freelancer or a newbie to the remote working world, we have all struggled to find a productive working space at some point. From weak WiFi and coffe... Read More
Discover five cafés in Cape Town where coffee and creativity flows daily in this blog. Read More

24 August 2021 |Tips And Hints

This is how you build an organisation that sparks lasting change

One idea can change a life, a community and even the world. Scientists Thandeka Mhlanga and Thulile Kanyile built the non-profit Nka’Thuto Edu Propeller on this belief. With ... Read More
In this blog, the team at Nka’Thuto Edu Propeller share how they built an organisation that is developing changemakers across South Africa. Read More

20 August 2021 |Tips And Hints

How to store beauty products

Whether to cover up a blemish or avoid ageing, it seems like there is nothing modern-day beauty products can’t do. From preteens to pensioners, we all find ourselves applying... Read More
We might all have our own beauty secrets, but not many know the secret to storing their cosmetic products. Read our blog for five simple storage tips that will make your beauty products last. Read More

17 August 2021 |Tips And Hints

joberg2c’s tips to creating the ultimate mountain biking stage race

Ride the beloved country! The renowned joberg2c is a mountain biking stage race designed to challenge, inspire and uplift those who cross its path. The 900-kilometre route was carv... Read More
joberg2c reveal how they carved a renowned trail that is powering hope for rural communities across the country. Read More

06 August 2021 |Tips And Hints

How to store honey

Whether a big brown bear or a tiny toddler, everyone loves honey. The delectable liquid has become a staple in kitchens around the world and is lovingly drizzled on almost anything... Read More
Whether for its healing properties or delicious flavour, honey is a favourite in households around the world. Read our blog for a few simple tips that will make your honey last as long as possible. Read More

03 August 2021 |Tips And Hints

How Stor-Age Zwartkop can help grow your business without breaking the bank

Growing a business in today’s economic climate is tough. It’s even tougher to do so while keeping operational costs down. So, in today’s blog we share a few tips ... Read More
Here’s how businesses in and around Zwartkop are using self storage to grow while keeping operational costs down. Read More

27 July 2021 |Tips And Hints

How to beat boredom while self-isolating

As we find ourselves in a third wave, staying inside and self-isolating has become a part of the norm. Spending your days confined to your home or bedroom may sound boring, but the... Read More
With the third wave now upon us, staying inside and self-isolating has become a part of the norm. Here's how you can beat boredom while self-isolating. Read More

29 June 2021 |Tips And Hints

Fun Father’s Day activities that don’t cost a cent

Fathers are protectors, teachers and encouragers. They are always there to pick us up when we fall down and push us to keep going, no matter what obstacles stand in our way. Father... Read More
Fathers are protectors, teachers and encouragers, but they are also notoriously difficult to buy gifts for. Read our blog for a few fun and completely free activities you can do to make this Father’s Day one he’ll never forget! Read More

15 June 2021 |Tips And Hints