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A Day In The Life Of A Stor-Age Manager - Kea Masera

Kea Masera lists her favourite sport as hockey and her favourite sports team as Chelsea Football Club, just the high action, fast paced lifestyle that a Stor-Age Manager can handle. She notes this is how she normally starts her week, "A typical Monday morning for me would be driving like a crazy person to avoid the Monday blues. I normally get to work around 7am and plan my day. Greet my Facility Assistants and do a quick walk before I go into the office to officially start my day." Kea is as on-the-go as you can get for a self storage manager and she thrives in the multi-tasking job.

Kea goes through some of her other tasks for the day, "Read through my emails and reply to the emails received over the weekend. While I have my tea I look through the padlock count and checked who has moved out and check daily tasks from Sunday to ensure that the tasks were done, print new documents for the Facility Assistants (FA's) and go about planning my day as per the monthly planner. Wait for all the FA's to come through and have a small meeting to plan our week ahead and task the FA's to help them prepare for their day." It is clear that being able to handle many facets of a business operation is crucial to being a successful self storage manager.

Kea Masera Stor-Age Self Storage Manager

By the time official opening hours for reception kicks-in Kea is already well into her stride, "Clock strikes 8am and the phones start ringing and at the same time a client walks in looking for space or clients wanting to pay their account. Assist everyone at the same time because I’m a woman and I can multitask Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!" She certainly can multitask and to prove it she goes on to tell us what else she handles during the day. "The clock strikes 9am and we start with the follow-up calls, take new inquiry calls in between and reply to emails as well.  After the follow-up calls it's debtors calls to make sure we are collecting for every unit. Then there is a move-in which is by far the best, a happy new customer! Then we send the reports that are needed for the day and audit the contracts for the day. Finally SMART Plans (Ed. specific store sales plan) are due and you check what incentive you could be on!" It is clear from chatting with Kea that she has a full day but it is interesting to note that her interaction with people and obtaining a happy new customer is a big driver for her.

The end of the day comes sooner than expected, "Clock strikes 5pm and I wave goodbye to the FA's and drive home smiling... you could get a call from the FA's telling you that there is a client that has a problem with the unit or about a lift that is not working and you have to think on your feet. Eventually sort out the issue and call it night. That is my typical day at Stor-Age."

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 18 March 2016 | News And Events