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Five tips to make your logistics business flourish

As technology continues to develop, so do consumers. They demand cheaper, faster and more efficient product delivery. This of course has a profound effect on all industries and business throughout the world, and creates a lot of pressure for anyone in the logistics and transportation game.

The industry is in the middle of this progression as they fulfil the role of the middle-man, responsible for the efficient delivery of product to consumer. It is up to the logistics companies to make sure that those prized packages arrive on time, every time. Pressure!

An increasing number of such companies are looking towards self storage as an effective and efficient means of storing products that are soon to be transported to their new owner. Stor-Age has number of such companies at stores throughout South Africa and we work closely with them to tackle all their storage and distribution needs. 

Logistics and Transport

To help those in the logistics game improve their service offering and position themselves for further growth, we thought we would share a few tips on how to do exactly that.

  1. Plan ahead

Planning is the first step in any successful business. In logistics, this includes several factors such as stock delivery, storage facilities, location specification, timing and costs. A well-planned schedule will allow for the maximum amount of work to be done in the least amount of time, in turn helping to maximise profits and keep consumers happy.

  1. Expect the unexpected

While planning is crucial, there are times when the unexpected occurs and a contingency plan is needed for operations to continue running smoothly. Preparing for these unexpected times will help reduce negative effects of the change in plan. Choosing suppliers and vendors that accommodate these changes is also important. At Stor-Age we offer flexible leases that allow businesses to upsize or downsize their storage space as needed. This means that if you have a sudden influx of stock, you will still have a safe space to store it. 

  1. Build strong relationships

Networks in the logistics industry overlap and managing a number of suppliers and vendors can become complicated at times. As it happens, the supply chain is only as strong as the weakest link and so it is important to build strong relationships to keep operations running smoothly. At Stor-Age, our professional and friendly staff are willing to go above-and-beyond to help your business run smoothly. Our business basket bundle highlights the various benefits that we offer our business tenants to help them grow their business.

  1. Efficient transportation

Arguably the most important cog in the logistics industry is reliable and cost-effective transportation. To streamline transportation, the most effective delivery route needs to be mapped out, timelines need to be secured and packaging needs to be optimised. At Stor-Age, we understand that these times are not always during business hours which is why we offer optimal accessibility with select stores offering 24-hour access. In addition, our stores are conveniently located meaning that you do not need to go out of your way to access your stock for delivery.

  1. Analysis and application

The logistics network is ever-changing and developing. In order to make the most of your logistics business, it is important to constantly review your processes and apply feedback. This step will help improve your operating system, streamline processes and increase profit. Keep in mind that this feedback comes from both clients and employees.

These are just a few ways to make the most out of your logistics company. If you find that you are spending too much money and time on isolated warehousing and need a safe, secure, convenient and cost-effective alternative, contact us on 0861 18 18 18.Or take a look at our business value basket to save 10% on your rental.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 27 February 2019 | SME|Tips And Hints