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Our Staff Give Their Feedback On Training

At Stor-Age we have understand that we operate in a specialised sector and pride ourselves on delivering the best customer service in the industry. That is why we have developed bespoke in-house training to assist our staff in being the best self storage managers in South Africa. We recently completed training for staff in Cape Town, Pretoria and Johannesburg, the training subject... Game On! Service and Sales. After the training we asked our staff to provide anonymous feedback to let us know if the training is on point, here is what they had to say.

Question: What were the most important things you learned in this training?

"To stop just selling the whole time and to start helping. That clients (tenants) are just people like us with different emotions and specific needs... that's why they come to us... something has happened / changed. To lead and control the conversation."

"To LISTEN before answering a client and to ask questions. To not assume. Never say NO - always be ready to assist someone - even if it means they move in at another Stor-Age facility if you really can't help them. Service first - then sales. We deal with people with real issues and feelings."

"I've learned the importance of listening, its been my challenge for a very long time. I tend to listen partly with a ready answer. I've learned the importance of really listening and that if I listen attentively I will be able to assist clients with what they need, not what i think or assume they need."

Question: Did the training inspire you? How?
"I feel that by doing things differently I can make a real difference in peoples lives."

"It did inspire me a lot. I've learnt that my work shouldn't be a job, rather an adventure that enables me to help clients with their needs, it inspired me to be a HELPER, and I love the sound of that."

"Training is a vital element of ensuring that our staff are prepared in the best possible way to serve our customers to the standards that we maintain at our facilities. At Stor-Age we are committed to equipping our staff as best we can in order for them to both develop and succeed within the business" says Rob Kent, Learning and Development Manager at Stor-Age.

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 26 August 2016 | News And Events