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This start-up tells us what it takes to be an entrepreneur

Starting and running your own company can be incredibly rewarding, but as anyone who has started a business knows it comes with a lot of hard work on a daily basis. It can also be stressful when it comes to finances, as cashflow is critical to the survival of any fledgling business. 

The SME Landscape Report indicates that nearly half of SMEs are responsible for the livelihood of two to five employees. Not being able to pay staff in time due to cashflow issues is a concern for nearly all startups.

Roshnee Chinapa, owner of Posh Promotions, discusses challenges that she faced in starting her own business and how business self storage assisted her in managing her company finances.

Posh Promotions

Posh Promotions started eight years ago when Roshnee realised the need to offer clients marketing solutions that they wanted, when they wanted it and at the price point they could afford. Today, the company specialises in top-end branding, promotional items, corporate clothing and sports event management. Roshnee herself is a jack of all trades as she fulfils the role of company owner, account manager, traffic and production manager, accountant, driver and even tea lady.

Starting your own company has both highlights and lowlights (the latter of which Roshnee prefers to refer to as lessons). She describes some of the biggest challenges she has had to face.

“Having to prove yourself as a woman has been one of the biggest challenges. I had no idea that it would have been such a big one. Starting a business with no cash flow has also been a challenge – the biggest by far.”

She continues, “My advice to new entrepreneurs is to not take a loan but rather start with what you have. Be prepared to put in everything – blood, sweat and tears! It’s worth it in the end.”

Posh Promotions

Self storage: the entrepreneur’s ally

Throughout her entrepreneurial journey, Roshnee discovered the value that can be found by using business self storage.

Posh Promotions is able to hold stock safely for their clients at an affordable rate. She comments, “When clients come and collect their stock they are always impressed by the facility. When we work on events we have access to our stock 24/7 and our crew, including myself, feel so safe working there any time of day.”

Roshnee continues, “The ‘pay as you go’ contract agreement is great for small businesses as we are able to manage our finances as we grow. We only pay for the amount of space that we need, for as long as we need it. It’s the best low risk option for small businesses and entrepreneurs in my opinion. 

Posh Promotions have their promotional and marketing collateral stock delivered to Stor-Age where they are able to work in a “beautifully clean and safe environment”, according to Roshnee. Once the event is done, they return their stock, arranging their storage needs specific to each event.

Posh Promotions is just one example of a promotional business that finds value in self storage. If you need a convenient business self storage solution, find out more about our business storage deals, or contact us for a quote on 0861 18 18 18.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 10 January 2019 | Events and Marketing|SME