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Retiring? Here’s what you can look forward to

Retirement is a wonderful time to look forward to, where you get a chance to slow down and spend more time doing the things you love. Here are a few things you can look forward ... Read More
If you are nearing retirement and wondering what you will do with all your spare time, then this blog post is for you. Read More

21 February 2020 |Tips And Hints

Setting up a romantic Valentine's Day dinner table

Did you know that there are several theories as to how Valentine’s Day came about and how it is connected to February the 14th? Regardless of which theory people go for, th... Read More
Here are a few tips on how to set up your table this Valentine’s Day. Read More

14 February 2020 |Tips And Hints

Growing your business with the help of self storage

Growing a business can be an incredibly exciting journey, but it can also be a difficult one as you navigate the various challenges that are encountered along the way. For most bu... Read More
In this blog post we share the story of an SME who uses self storage to help his business grow. Read More

07 February 2020 |SME

It’s time to organise your work space!

The festive season is becoming a distant memory with 2020 now in full swing. For many, decluttering is on the top of the new year’s resolution list. While we naturally link d... Read More
Many studies show that working in a minimalist, decluttered environment is beneficial to your ability to focus and be more productive. Here are a few tips on organising your work space. Read More

07 January 2020 |SME|Tips And Hints

How to safely store your festive season decorations

As the festive season starts to come to an end, the time has come for many families across South Africa to begin packing away their festive season decorations. While early Decembe... Read More
Do you know how best to store your festive season decorations? This blog post will help. Read More

03 January 2020 |Tips And Hints

Self storage helping local events companies grow

The festive season is a busy time for the eventing industry, with office festive season parties and social gatherings in abundance. A lot of work going into these events it is the ... Read More
Here are a few reasons why an increasing number of eventing companies choose Stor-Age as their storage partner. Read More

27 December 2019 |Tips And Hints

Creative ways to wrap your gifts

The year has almost come and gone! 2019 has certainly been an eventful one for South Africans, and as the year starts to wrap up so households across the country start to wrap gift... Read More
A gift that is thoughtfully wrapped is always well-received, and so in this blog post we share a few tips on how to wrap your festive season gifts. Read More

24 December 2019 |Tips And Hints

Flexible and convenient self storage in Johannesburg City

Did you know that Johannesburg has been rebuilt four times? Commonly known as the city of gold, Johannesburg is the second largest city on the African continent and is home to som... Read More
Did you know that JHB is home to the world’s largest man-made forest? While storing trees isn’t really our thing, we've got you covered for pretty much everything else. Read More

03 December 2019 |News And Events

How self storage can help you run a business from home

When it comes to starting out, home is often the first base for a business as it allows you to keep costs low and avoid signing long-term office or warehousing leases. It doesn&rsq... Read More
When it comes to starting out, home is often the first base for a business. It doesn’t take long though to run out of space and that’s where business self storage comes in. Read More

15 November 2019 |SME

Summer photography tips

Summer is one of the most photographic seasons, creating plentiful opportunities for those who enjoy nature and the outdoors. Whether you are at the beach, in the bush or in the ci... Read More
Summer is one of the most photographic seasons, creating plentiful opportunities for those who enjoy nature and the outdoors. Here are a few tips on how to improve your summer photography skills. Read More

08 November 2019 |Tips And Hints