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A first-year's guide to student accommodation

It’s almost that time – when you pack up your bags, say farewell to the fam and start your first year as a university student. After years spent at home, it can be both... Read More
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11 January 2022 |Student

How to store festive season decorations

Putting your decorations up always completes the festive traditions – but storing them after the holiday season can be more like a nightmare than a jolly experience. From kno... Read More
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04 January 2022 |Tips And Hints

Demo World: The bargain hunters distributing ridiculously discounted goods

While some people see a scratched or dented product as trash, to Mahendra Naidoo, it’s treasure. With thousands of perfectly functional goods rejected each year by large reta... Read More
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24 December 2021 |SME

DIY decorations for the festive season

Ah, the festive season; a joyous time when homes around the world warm up with delicious home-cooked meals, fun passion projects and evenings spent giggling with family and friends... Read More
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21 December 2021 |Tips And Hints

Mongato’s tips for fearless entrepreneurs

It’s never easy to start a new business, especially one in a completely new market during a pandemic – but that’s exactly what Selaelo Mathekga and Dzumbuluwani M... Read More
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17 December 2021 |SME

Stor-Age Ottery Road opens its doors!

We are excited to announce that we have added yet another self storage property to our portfolio, Stor-Age Ottery Road. The property, the 55th in our South African portfolio, is id... Read More
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14 December 2021 |News And Events

Mongato: Providing sustainable period products for everyone

Did you know that in South Africa alone, 30% of girls don’t attend school while menstruating due to a lack of access to period products?  After discovering the excessiv... Read More
Mongato, a company challenging convention Read More

10 December 2021 |SME

Need student storage? Here’s everything you need to know

To say that the end of the year is a stressful time for students is an understatement. From the late-night study sessions to the arduous assignments, the list of tasks never seems ... Read More
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07 December 2021 |Student

Beginners guide to growing a thriving bonsai tree

If you’ve ever attempted to grow a bonsai tree, then you know it’s no easy task. Passed down over centuries, the ancient Japanese art form is laden with complex techniq... Read More
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03 December 2021 |SME

Must-visit secret beaches in Cape Town

While nothing could outshine the majestic Table Mountain, Cape Town’s picturesque coastline is certainly a top contender. Each year, the pristine stretch explodes with surfer... Read More
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30 November 2021 |Travel