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Picup’s strategies for smart and simple business deliveries

Antonio Bruni founded Picup in 2014 to rapidly innovate the logistics industry in South Africa. By merging smart technology with a crowd-sourced driver network, Antonio and his tea... Read More
Innovative logistics company Picup reveal how they rapidly revolutionised deliveries in South Africa. Read More

17 September 2021 |SME

Our 53rd store has opened its doors, Stor-Age Cresta!

We are excited to announce that we have officially opened our 53rd store in Cresta’s bustling business district! This spectacular store is ideally located opposite the Cresta... Read More
Ideally located opposite the Cresta Shopping Centre alongside Beyers Naudé Drive, Stor-Age Cresta is one of our most spectacular developments to date. Find out why here. Read More

14 September 2021 |New Stores

Meet Picup, the logistics company revolutionising deliveries in South Africa

Every brilliant idea starts with a spark. Antonio Bruni’s came in the form of a Black Friday catastrophe. With thousands of orders coming in, the logistics specialist got to ... Read More
Discover how the team at Picup grew their humble logistics start-up into an industry leader. Read More

10 September 2021 |SME

Best spots to watch wildflowers bloom on the West Coast

Once a year, South Africa bursts into pure technicolour bliss. From the lush farmlands near Darling to the N1 highway, wildflowers sprout from every corner of the Cape to put on a ... Read More
In this blog, we uncover five of the best spots on the West Coast to watch wildflowers bloom. Read More

07 September 2021 |Travel

One of South Africa’s leading beauty brands reveals its secret to success

Beauty is not only a way to enhance the surface, but what lies beneath as well. From a bold brow to an edgy up-do, it can give people the confidence to achieve anything they set th... Read More
Brand owner and influencer Vanessa Plaatjie shares a number of important tips on how to be successful in the beauty industry. Read More

03 September 2021 |SME

How to store biltong

South Africa is famed for many things; the Springboks, spitbraais and of course, the great Nelson Mandela. Yet there are few things more South African than ripping open a brown pap... Read More
In this blog, we share the best practices for storing your beloved biltong. Read More

31 August 2021 |Tips And Hints

This glam guru is taking beauty to the next level in South Africa

Beauty can be many things; a breathtaking painting or a bold eye makeup, but for brand owner and beauty influencer Vanessa Plaatjie, it’s the feeling of unwavering strength a... Read More
In this blog, we dive into the story of Vee Rose Gold, a local brand breaking beauty boundaries and empowering South Africans to look and feel unstoppable. Read More

27 August 2021 |SME

Top 5 coffee shops to work from in Cape Town

Whether you’re a seasoned freelancer or a newbie to the remote working world, we have all struggled to find a productive working space at some point. From weak WiFi and coffe... Read More
Discover five cafés in Cape Town where coffee and creativity flows daily in this blog. Read More

24 August 2021 |Tips And Hints

This is how you build an organisation that sparks lasting change

One idea can change a life, a community and even the world. Scientists Thandeka Mhlanga and Thulile Kanyile built the non-profit Nka’Thuto Edu Propeller on this belief. With ... Read More
In this blog, the team at Nka’Thuto Edu Propeller share how they built an organisation that is developing changemakers across South Africa. Read More

20 August 2021 |Tips And Hints

How to store beauty products

Whether to cover up a blemish or avoid ageing, it seems like there is nothing modern-day beauty products can’t do. From preteens to pensioners, we all find ourselves applying... Read More
We might all have our own beauty secrets, but not many know the secret to storing their cosmetic products. Read our blog for five simple storage tips that will make your beauty products last. Read More

17 August 2021 |Tips And Hints