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The show must go on: How to succeed in the events industry during a pandemic

What makes an occasion memorable? Is it the lights, audio or extravagant decor? For events company Congress Rental South Africa, it’s all of the above and more. As the leadin... Read More
Will the events industry survive the pandemic? Read our blog to discover how Congress Rental South Africa is innovating a new way forward. Read More

11 June 2021 |SME

Best game reserves to visit near Johannesburg, Gauteng

With big five game safaris only a few hours outside of JHB, plenty of people take advantage each weekend to immerse themselves in the bushveld. In recent months, these reserves hav... Read More
Need a break from the city? Read our blog for some of the best game reserves near JHB for your next African adventure. Read More

08 June 2021 |Adventure

Meet Congress Rental South Africa, the conference specialists revolutionising events

Events are designed to enthral, captivate and move people. From the gaudy lights and decor to otherworldly audio and visuals, there are numerous things that go into creating a memo... Read More
What does the future of conferences look like? Read our blog to find out how conference specialists, Congress Rental South Africa, are revolutionising business events. Read More

04 June 2021 |SME

How to create the ultimate indoor braai room

Braaing is undoubtedly one of the most popular activities in South Africa. It’s not just a favourite pastime for many of us, but a part of the country’s rich heritage. ... Read More
Are you the ultimate braai master? Read our blog to discover how you can create the perfect indoor braai room. Read More

01 June 2021 |Tips And Hints

How Louw Bros Plumbing became no.1 in the no.2 business

Although plumbing is often overlooked as simply another dirty job, it is an essential service that requires a great deal of skill and experience. Brothers Hunter and Bronson Louw s... Read More
Looking to take the plunge and start your own plumbing business? Read our blog for Louw Bros Plumbing's top tips to making it in this competitive industry. Read More

28 May 2021 |Tips And Hints

Stor-Age Tyger Valley officially opens its doors!

Your favourite self storage company has officially moved into the bustling industrial hub of Tyger Valley in Cape Town. Stor-Age Tyger Valley is situated just off the N1 highway at... Read More
Stor-Age has officially moved into the bustling suburb of Tyger Valley in Cape Town. Read all about our brand new store and find out why it’s perfect for all your storage needs. Read More

25 May 2021 |New Stores

How Louw Bros Plumbing turned their pipe dream into a reality

While most people don’t like to get their hands dirty, brothers Hunter and Bronson Louw love nothing more. So it comes as no surprise that the duo stumbled into one of the di... Read More
In today’s blog, we plunge into the story of Louw Bros Plumbing and discover how two brothers built a small business into a leading group of specialists. Read More

21 May 2021 |SME

How to incorporate nature into your home

From food to medicine, plants carry countless benefits that not only help us survive but thrive in the world. However, as society moves away from the lush countryside and into bust... Read More
Need some more greenery in your home? Here are 5 easy and affordable ways you can bring the great outdoors inside. Read More

18 May 2021 |Tips And Hints

How you can be a hero in your community

As the world battles its greatest challenges yet, many people have begun to feel helpless and as though they can’t make a tangible difference. Although one person can’t... Read More
Anyone has the potential to be a hero. In this blog, the Kolisi Foundation shares a few tips on how you can make a tangible difference in your community. Read More

14 May 2021 |Tips And Hints

10 packing tips for a stress-free home move

The idea of moving to a new home is always exciting, but when it comes time to pack it can feel like a never-ending chore. From cups and plates to clothes and furniture, the list o... Read More
Packing up your house can feel like a never-ending task. Read our blog to find out how you can save time and energy during a home move. Read More

11 May 2021 |Tips And Hints