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A Day In The Life Of A Stor-Age Manager - Taufiq Palmer

The second interview in the series, 'A Day In The Life Of A Stor-Age Manager', we interviewed Taufiq Palmer, who has been part of Stor-Age for a number of years and has managed multiple stores in the Cape Town region. Here he shares with us what his experience has been like at Stor-Age and what a typical work day is like for him, by all accounts it is a fast-paced, on-the-go, action-packed day.

Taufiq involved in some Stor-Age marketing

Taufiq Palmer at a Stor-Age golf day, Operations Staff are encouraged to be involved in all facets of the business including marketing their store.

"So you have the phone ringing, emails coming in to respond to clients, web enquiries, tenants walking in with queries, walk-in clients to view,  deliveries needing to be checked and you are wondering where to start. Start at being a Stor-Age manager." Despite the day being on-the-go and dealing with multiple aspects of managing a multi-million Rand storage facility, Taufiq believes it is having a passion for what you do that will ultimately be the difference for success. "What can I say? Managing isn't for anyone. It's about having a passion for what you do. I have been in management for about ten years now. Some people ask me why am I always at work before my shift and way after my shift... It's quite simple, consider it authorised but even better consider it done! You got to love what you do..." And Taufiq certainly does get it done, managing a self storage facility with hundreds of tenants is not as easy as it seems.

Operations Manager Tasks

Stor-Age Managers wear many different hats. Taufiq, shares some of this 'to do' list for the day.

Being a manager at Stor-Age means the opportunity to be involved in many business facets, ranging from marketing, facilities and maintenance, customer service and even accounts. Taufiq lists some of the tasks that he faces, "Our duties as managers are: collection calls, sales / move-ins, fingerprint reports, overtime schedule and rosters, padlock recon, deposit and rental refunds, first aid count, stock count, follow up calls,  move outs, walk-arounds, loading FMS (maintenance software), petty cash reports, diesel reports, move out calls, sending past debtors notices, replying to emails in your own inbox as well as store inbox, identify issues and the list goes on."

Being part of the business and responsible for operations from start to finish is something that Taufiq takes immense pride in, "Keep doing what you do, when you do… There is a reason you have been chosen as a manager. You are the one, the only, the invincible, Stor-Age Manager!" If you are up for the challenge then take a look at the Stor-Age Careers page, there just might the right position for you.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 03 March 2016 | News And Events