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Africa Tops List Of World's Largest

Big things happen in Africa, the world's second largest continent is home to some record breaking big things. Not surprisingly many of these 'big things' are from the natural world. We explored some of the biggest things in Africa (and indeed the world) because Stor-Age has a couple of it's own records to add to the list of 'Africa's largest things'.

The African Elephant is the largest living land animal in the world and can grow up to four metres high at the shoulder and weigh over six tons, however the largest ever recorded weighed an astonishing 10 tons! How long does it take to grow a baby elephant? Gestation is 22 months.

Africa's largest - African elephant
Image from Elephant-World

The world's tallest animal is the giraffe, while the largest ever recorded stood at 5.88 metres high. But that is not the only long thing on the giraffe. The giraffe tongue, used to pull leaves from tall trees, can measure up to 45cm and is purple-black in colour.

Africa's largest - Giraffe
Image from Wikipedia

The Nile crocodile is the world's largest reptile with an average length of 3.5 - 5 metres however they have been recorder at over 6.1 metres and weighing over a ton. Their size means that prey is essentially any animal that ventures close to their watering hole and varies from birds to large buck.

Africa's largest - Nile crocodile
Image from Wikipedia

So how is Stor-Age helping with large things in Africa? We have the largest self storage facility in Stor-Age Centurion and the tallest self storage facility in Stor-Age Johannesburg City. While neither of these stores compare to the majesty of an elephant or a giraffe but we are still quite proud of it.

Africa's largest - Stor-Age Self Storage Centurion

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 20 June 2016 | Take A Break