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Best spots to watch wildflowers bloom on the West Coast

Once a year, South Africa bursts into pure technicolour bliss. From the lush farmlands near Darling to the N1 highway, wildflowers sprout from every corner of the Cape to put on a show like no other. During these spritely spring months, locals trek to the West Coast to watch the Cape floral kingdom come to life. Here are the top 5 destinations to watch wildflowers in action.

1. Postberg Flower Reserve

Although one of the more popular places to see the wildflowers, visitors are guaranteed a spectacular show of spring at the Postberg Flower Reserve. Located in the West Coast National Park, this little pocket of protected land bursts with brightly coloured Cape daisies and sporries. The undisturbed spot is only open during peak flower season, so be sure to check the open times before visiting.

2. Tienie Versfeld Wildflower Reserve

Just an hour outside of Cape Town is the Tienie Versfeld Wildflower Reserve. The reserve’s unique terrain makes it an ideal spot for various species to sprout. Amongst the more common Cape daisies, butterfly lilies, lachenalia, and bulbs can also be seen dancing in these fields. This is also a great place to pack a picnic and admire the scenery. 

3. The Renosterveld Reserve

Another picturesque place to soak up the arrival of spring is the Renosterveld Reserve in Darling. The reserve sprawls across 20 hectares and is one of only a few places in the area dedicated to preserving the indigenous flora. Snap a picture of the luminous vygies and bright bellendinis, and if you’re lucky you might spot the red-bellied tortoises that roam these beds. 

4. Cape Columbine Nature Reserve

Just a short drive from the peaceful fishing town of Paternoster is the Cape Columbine Nature Reserve. Here, nature lovers can experience an array of veld favourites as well as the last manned lighthouse on South Africa’s coast. 

5. Waylands Wildflower Reserve

The Waylands Wildflower Reserve is a hidden gem tucked away in Darling's breathtaking countryside. Founded in the 1900s by Fredrick Duckitt, the reserve is not only rich in flora but history too. Today the sanctuary is home to over 300 different wildflower species, as well as a variety of wildlife and birds, making it a popular spot for flower fanatics and nature lovers alike. 

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