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Brooklyn Before And After

What does it take to identify a new self storage site, plan it, build it and then watch it develop into a world class self storage asset for the leading self storage brand in South Africa? Plenty of hard work from a dedicated team of professionals for a start. The process of identifying a potential location for self storage is something that Stor-Age takes very seriously. The Stor-Age Property Fund Managers Asset Management Team are dedicated to mapping South Africa in order to identify the potential new Stor-Age sites. CEO Gavin Lucas explains, "We don’t only know that we want a site in a particular suburb – we’ve detailed the suburb, arterial route and intersection where we want to position our product. We know when we want these sites by and when they need to open their doors." Taking a look at the images below you may not see potential for a four storey, 7 000 m² flagship self storage facility but that is exactly what has been created. From a empty piece of land occupied by vagrants the new Stor-Age Brooklyn has risen.

Stor-Age Brooklyn - before and after

Once a site has been identified the experienced Construction Management Team steps in. With a current self storage portfolio of 30 operational stores and a further three in the short term development pipeline, they are well versed in the production of a world class self storage asset. The current portfolio of stores totals R1,75 billion of self storage under management and underlines the importance of creating a quality build to assist the operator in managing the property. General Manager Dave Matheson believes the final product is something to marvel at, "The Stor-Age Brooklyn facility is possibly one of the most iconic and striking self storage buildings we have constructed to date. The quality of the facility matches the best international standards and we believe the strong aesthetics will assist the operator in leasing space readily."

Stor-Age Brooklyn - before and after

So now you have a four storey building and 7 000 m² of space to rent, what next? In steps Stor-Age Self Storage the leading self storage brand in South Africa. With lease up goals stringently set, the day-to-day management of the new store becomes of paramount importance. Fortunately with a strong track record and professionally trained staff the rental of self storage space is something they thrive on. One of the key factors for a successful self storage facility is proximity to users, the other is curb appeal. A facility that is well located and has the looks to boot is a facility that will rent well. Stor-Age Brooklyn ticks both of these boxes. With prime positioning on the corner of Justice Mohammed and Jan Shoba Streets and excellent visibility to commuters accessing Brooklyn, Waterkloof, Hatfield and Sunnyside, Stor-Age Brooklyn is set to become a valuable addition to the Stor-Age portfolio.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 03 October 2014 | New Stores