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Face to face with SA’s Storage King

This month Real Estate Investor Magazine runs with the story of Stor-Age as seen from eyes of CEO, Gavin Lucas. From concept to small business start-up and finally to listing, the journey is pocketed with influences from people who are either helpful or who lessons can be learnt from, however the journey has been enjoyable. "Starting small is an excellent way to get going, as opposed to starting with mammoth objectives of taking over the world." Notes Lucas, who has seen Stor-Age grow dramatically over its ten year history.

"In the days before the launch of Stor-Age, Gavin Lucas, the companies CEO, was living at home and racking his brain for the perfect name for his fledgling self-storage company. When he asked his mother for ideas she suggested simply taking the word ‘storage’ and putting a dash in the middle. ‘Stor-Age – The Age of Quality Self-Storage’ became the company’s tag line, but as the business grew and developed, the slightly robust title was shortened to just ‘Stor-Age’. The name though still remains as a reminder that ultimately our parents do know what’s best for us." To read the full article visit the REIM online magazine and flip to page ten.

Watch Part 1 of the video interview with Neale Petersen, "Gavin Lucas, the CEO of Stor-Age, discusses the start of Stor-Ages's ten year success story. From the initial groundwork through to the purchase of their first property in Edgemead."

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 07 March 2016 | News And Events