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Five Unbelievable Questions Customers Asked About Self Storage

Self storage is a relatively new concept in South Africa, one that is growing rapidly to meet demand from the public, as they become aware of the benefits. Over the past few years many new self storage stores have sprung up and with them have come a plethora of new customers, making use of the product for the first time. The European, American and Australasian self storage industries are well established and South Africa is on the right path. However many South Africans are still to encounter this new service and as a result have some rather… interesting questions when using self storage for the first time. Here are just five questions we thought deserved a mention.

5. Can I store dead bodies?
You may think this is a rarity but our staff field this question surprisingly regularly. You can off course NOT store dead bodies. We think there may be a shortage of this type of storage or at the very least it is an expensive endeavour. In any event budding entrepreneurs can take note.

4. Can I store for free?
Usually preceeded by, “I only need to store for a week/day/hour.” We unfortunately do not offer free storage, however we do offer some great storage deals from time to time. Many new tenants start using self storage with the idea it will be, “…just one month.” Many months, or even years later, they realise that a self storage unit is not just about getting rid of some stuff but is a convenient and an extension of your home. It is place to ensure you can use your garage for your car or the spare room to have a visitor.

Five Unbelievable Questions Customers Asked About Self Storage

3. Self storage? Is that like a place to store yourself?
“Uhm… no.” Self storage is a place where you rent some space and you can store whatever you need with free access, you lock and you keep the key. In other words you store your goods yourself. A place where you store yourself is called ‘home’ or for some of us ‘work’.

2. What happens if the authorities find something illegal in my unit?
A question that will undoubtedly raise the alarm bells for our storage staff. If you have something illegal in your unit then the authorities will take the appropriate action, which could lead to prison time or a fine. The safest thing is not to store something which is illegal, if you are unsure ask one of our friendly and professional trained staff.

1. Do you sell airtime?
We do sell many self storage packaging items but at this stage this does not include airtime. We pride ourselves on being a one stop shop for self storage, however we do not as yet offer airtime for sale. Perhaps if a few more customers ask we might start selling this too.

Do you have any questions about self storage? Check out our helpful frequently asked questions about self storage section or email us at info@stor-age.co.za or give us a call on 0861 18 18 18.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 18 March 2013 | Take A Break