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Five Ways To Get Your Friends To Help You Move

If you have ever moved home or office you will know that it is a lot of hard work. Packing ten boxes suddenly becomes fifty and the planned two trips to your storage unit is now already on the fourth installment and your not even half way packed! Hiring a professional service, all though preferred, is often expensive. So how do you get your friends to give up their free time and help you move? Here are five ways to get your friends to help you move.

1. Pay them
The simplest solution is to offer them cold hard cash for doing the dirty work of moving. Off course this needs to be delicately managed. Too little and they won't want to help you, too much and you may as well have hired the professionals. If you are looking to save then perhaps get a quote from a removals company and then half that amount to split between your friends.
Top Tip: Did you know that most removals companies increase their fees in the first and last week of the month as that is when most people are looking to move premises?

Money and red padlock - Stor-Age Self Storage

2. Feed them
Not in the "feed me Seymour" Little Shop of Horrors kind of way (which we sponsored - Little Shop Of Horrors By Edgemead High Supported By Stor-Age). The way to your friend's heart is through their stomach... or is that men?! In any event the promise of a good meal can often be the tipping point in getting reluctant volunteers to carry a few items for you. Order a few pizzas and some drinks and promise everyone a hearty meal once the job is done. Please be careful to feed the crew after the work is done. In our experience a full stomach generally leads to a smaller and slower work force.

3. Blackmail - emotional
If you can't pay them or feed them, the next best bet is to blackmail. A single woman can plead inability to carry heavy items. A single guy can appeal to his "bros". If you really want to get into the dark arts then it is time to remind your friend about all the important things that you are still keeping quiet about and that your silence can indeed be bought. Isn't it amazing how carrying a couch causes amnesia?!

4. Take one object while helping
A novel idea that has been trialled by a few members of the Stor-Age staff and is especially handy if you are moving to a smaller home or need to downsize. Before the move pick out a number of items that you no longer use or just don't need. Then tell the volunteers that they can pick one item from the pile that they want and keep it as payment. Remember this cannot all be junk, throw in one or two items of value to show that you appreciate your help. Yes you may fear losing some cool goods but that is far cheaper than a professional removals service.

5. A favour for a favour
If all else fails the final straw is to offer your assistance when they next need it. Who knows when they will be moving, painting, run out of fuel, need some extra cash, "insert situation here"? After all... what are friends for?

Are you the friend that is going to be asked for help and you need an excuse to get out of it? Check out our other blog post, Five Ways To Get Out Of Helping Your Friends Move.

Want to help out your friend a little more and get something for yourself into the bargain? Check out our refer a friend discount, where you and your friend can earn R250* off your next month's storage space.

*Terms and conditions apply

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 12 August 2014 | Tips And Hints