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Looking For A Change Of Career? Stor-Age Is Hiring

Stor-Age is now hiring in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town.

Stor-Age staff recently completed training for our soon to be launched Facilities Management System (FMS). This is just one of many training modules that our staff have access to, in order to ensure that they are well skilled in all things Stor-Age. In addition to many self storage specific training modules, we also train in first aid, fire control, emergency procedures and health & safety regulations. We asked Waldo Boshoff, Store Manager at Stor-Age Somerset West, to let us know how the FMS training went.

"Stor-Age as a whole excels in leading the self storage industry in South Africa by staying abreast with technology and consumer demands, while at the same time revolutionising the way we as Operations staff manage our facilities. This again was proven with the introduction of the new FMS.  The introduction session was hosted by Xanadu Amod-Mhlanzi (Stor-Age Learning & Development) and held at Edgemead with the expected roll-out of the system imminent. In short, the FMS is an on-line, real-time tool to enable both Operations Managers and Assistant Managers alike, to log any maintenance issues requiring external attention at branch level, and tracking of the progress of said repairs.  I think it is safe to assume that management staff throughout the country welcomes this change with open arms and we are eagerly anticipating the go-ahead."

Stor-Age FMS training

Visit the Stor-Age Careers page for more information, including:

Stor-Age Self Storage video: meet our staff

Solid foundation is key
From day one we provide the foundation to make your career a success at Stor-Age through our interactive Operations Training Week. Covering a variety of core fundamentals, you will receive the know-how, skills and confidence to get your career at Stor-Age off to a great start.

Our trained Trainers and comprehensive Operations Training Week will equip you with everything you will need to know to make a success of your time with Stor-Age.

All customer facing staff also benefit from our sales training and tailored customer service modules which ensure that you will be able to meet your sales targets.

Becoming the best you can be
Once we’ve given you the foundation, it just gets better! We’ll encourage you to grow and develop through our Annual Review Process and Personal Development Plans each of which are personally tailored to you.

This includes having the opportunity to have ongoing discussions with your line manager to agree and set your personal development goals. Our in-house Learning and Development Programme offers 15 unique courses, as well as an additional 5 Workshop themes.

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 30 March 2015 | News And Events