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Meyrick Pringle Swings into Stor-Age Self Storage for Tea & Chat about destroying Windies in '92 CWC

Spotted in store recently .... SA cricket legend Meyrick Pringle! Good to see "Pringle" looking so sharp! That day he ripped the West Indies batting line-up apart in 1992 lives long in the memory banks ..... 4/11 if I remember correctly!

meyrick pringle Meyrick Pringle parking off at Stor-Age Self Storage

Thought you blokes would enjoy this one - go on take a look - I know you want too - just for old time sakes Meyrick Pringle wrecks West Indies - did you pick up who is commentating - oh yes - the hard man of SA cricket in years gone by - none other than the meanest of the Mean Machine - Clive Rice! Absolutely classic!

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 01 March 2010