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Stor-Age Announces Justcapture.it iPad App For Cape Town Tens 2013

At the 2012 Cape Town Tens Stor-Age partnered with Justcapture.it to solve the problem of how to get thousands of entries from all over the event area into one manageable database and using multiple capture points. It was decided that we would use iPads with teams of Stor-Age promotion girls to obtain entries.

Stor-Age and Justcapture.it

"We were a little worried that there would be some data loss, as all entries would be captured at a remote location and at multiple points. However the application performed well above expectations and I would recommend Justcapture.it to any business looking to remove the hassle of using paper forms" - Robbie Cameron, Stor-Age Project Manager.

Due to the success of the product in 2012 Stor-Age and Justcapture.it have announced that they will again be partnering for the 2013 edition of the Cape Town Tens.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 21 January 2013 | News And Events