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Our Local Business Spotlight update

What does a debt counselling business, a removals company and a renewable energy business have in common?

Well, these were the companies that we profiled in our Local Business Spotlight campaign over the past week.

Here who they are and how you can support them.

Local Business Spotlight 

  • Libertine Consultants

On Monday we introduced you to Julianna and Sharon-Rose from Libertine Consultants, a debt counselling business in Cape Town. While they are helping their customers through difficult times, we keep their business items safe and secure at Stor-Age Belville. To find out more about Libertine Consultants, take a look at their website

  • JHB Removals

In the middle of the week we introduced you to the team from JHB Removals, one of our preferred removals partners who help businesses and households move around the country. While they are on the road, they use Stor-Age Bloemfontein to keep their customers items safe. To find out more about this business, take a look at their website here.

  • New Earth Energy

We closed the week off on a sustainable note by introducing you to the team from New Earth Energy, a business that is very serious about renewable energy. While they tailor-make solar energy solutions for homes and businesses across Africa, we keep their business items safe at Stor-Age Glen Anil. To find out more about this New Earth Energy, take a look at their website here.

If you would like to see more of our Local Business Spotlight features and get information on how you can support these local businesses, head over to our Instagram profile and give us a follow.

If you are a Stor-Age business customer and would like to be featured, let us know by sending us a DM on our Instagram or Facebook page.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 21 August 2020 | SME
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