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Tips For Keeping The Kids Happy While You Move

The big day has arrived and it is time to pack up everything you have collected, hoarded and forgotten about over the past few years. Everything has to go into a box or bag and be moved into a truck and then off to your self storage store. But how do you entertain your children while trying to get all of this done? Here are five steps to take to ensure that your moving day isn't a nightmare and the kids stay happy.

1. You could always ship them off to family or friends but often this is not an option. Instead plan ahead on involving them in the moving process and give them some responsibilities for the day. Explain that you are moving and they will soon have a new room but all of their toys need to go with. To prepare the toys (insert name of favourite teddy bear or action figure) for a journey they need to be packed just right. Can you help mom and dad do it?

2. Give them a few boxes and ask them to pack all of their toys inside. Ok, so this is not going to be a quick fix as this is very close to cleaning up in the eyes of a child. But if you detail a story about the box and this being the ship that they will travel in and that they need to be packed just right you could be off to a good start. If they start playing with the toys instead of packing this is not a problem as it will give you some time to carry on with your own packing.

3. Once all the toys are packed in the boxes, give the kids some crayons or paints and let them decorate their own boxes. This has two great advantages. Firstly it will keep them busy giving you space to plan your move and secondly it will allow you to easily identify which boxes are theirs when you are packing the self storage unit or moving the items back into your new home. A great idea is to ask them to design the box like a truck, boat or spaceship so that the toys can travel.

Tips for keeoing the kids happy while you move
"Entertain me!"

4. Always remember to provide plenty of snacks and drinks for your kids on this special day. Children can get upset and cranky if they are not fed and will often not tell you until it is too late. More than any other day, it is probably best to stay away from sugary snacks and sweets as the extra energy will make them wrestles on an already taxing day.

5. Plan ahead. This seems simpler than it actually is but so often we find people moving into self storage units and attempting to pack everything and move it on one day. Ideally the packing has started weeks before and the moving day is done separately. Be prepared to entertain your kids with movies, drawings and various toys on the day of your move. Planning ahead includes them and if they are happy your moving experience will be that much better.

Have you made a move with your kids? Tell us what worked for you in the comments below.

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 10 June 2013 | Tips And Hints