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Waffle Day

We pull out many items from self storage units that are new or very seldom used. One of the items we recently found is a waffle maker and coincidently today is also Waffle Day. So if you are wondering what to have for lunch today perhaps a waffle is the answer. Or when you get home this evening pull out the waffle maker you have been storing for as long as you have had it and whip up a batch of waffles for dinner, remember a potato waffle is still a waffle.

Did you know there are actually two days to celebrate waffles? "Waffle Day began in Sweden as Våffeldagen, actually due to confusion between the Swedish “vårfrudagen” meaning “Our Lady’s Day” which falls on the same date. The day historically marks the beginning of spring and is celebrated by the eating of many waffles.

Waffle Day with Stor-Age Self Storage

The alternative Waffle Day began in the USA and honours the anniversary of the patenting of the first US waffle iron invented by Cornelius Swarthout of Troy, New York and is celebrated on 24th August." (source daysoftheyear.com)

If you are looking to pack up your home to move, renovate or just because you need a little extra space then consider a self storage unit as a great way to store your goods safely. However if packing up your goods includes a waffle maker, then why not provide a gift to someone you know and remember today is waffle day.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 25 March 2013 | Take A Break