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Where To Buy Storage Boxes

Anyone who has ever moved or used storage will eventually ask the question, “Where can I buy storage boxes?” The answer is off course from the self storage company that you are using. Unfortunately many self storage companies in South Africa do not provide boxes for packing. Have you ever gone to the petrol station and got home with milk, bread, a chocolate and a host of other things you didn’t go for? The products sold at petrol station convenience stores are exactly that, for your convenience. It makes sense to have packing boxes available to customers that visit self storage as these are the items they are going to need.

Boxes for packing

Using a good storage box is important when making use of a self storage unit. The last thing you want to do is return to your storage unit only to find some boxes have collapsed or degraded and ruined some of the items you have stored. If it is worth storing then it is worth protecting and a good packing box is the best thing to use. You can off course head to your local grocer or shopping centre and ask to use the old boxes they throw away. This is dangerous for a few reasons. Structurally a used box is not as strong as an new box and if stacked could collapse causing damage or breaking items. Many of the used boxes will also contain traces of food from the items they used to protect. This will attract pests and rodents who can cause devastating damage to your goods in self storage.

Stor-age Wanna box poster

The best thing to do is get uniform sized packaging boxes and stack them accordingly. Here are some helpful tips and hints for purchasing your self storage packing boxes.
  • Stack boxes of the same size together but not too high and ensure the heavier boxes are at the bottom
  • The heavier the items the smaller the box should be and the lighter the item the larger the box can be
  • Fill up empty space in your box with newspaper, packaging chips, foam or other items. This will help to prevent the box from being crushed and collapsing
  • Purchase ready-made box packaging bundles. These bundles offer excellent discount as you will get a number of packing boxes and other ancillary packing items

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 15 March 2013 | Tips And Hints