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3 Reasons You Should Be Using Self Storage But Probably Don't

Self storage in South Africa is rapidly expanding as more and more South Africans begin to understand the product and realise the extra space is a lifestyle choice. The self storage phenomenon is not new in the rest of the world, with thousands of self storage facilities established in Australia, UK, Europe and the USA. In fact there are over 50,000 self storage facilities in the USA alone. Stor-Age recently added a further 8 stores to its' self storage portfolio with the acquisition of Public Storage in Pretoria. The expansion from 1 store 7 years ago to 25 and growing in 2013 is mainly due to hard work but also because there is a need for extra space and the fact that the product is adding value to the South African consumer. Here are 3 ways you should be using self storage but probably don't.
1. You think your garage is a better option
Take a drive down many of the suburban roads in South Africa and you will see a multitude of cars parked outside on the driveway while a pile of clutter sits inside the garage. It's time to clean out the garage and look after the vehicle. The actual move can be made quite simple, you know what size unit you need as it is essentially already in a self storage unit. Stor-Age provides a free van and driver with your move-in and offering some lunch or a few beers to your friends should make light work of one room full of clutter. Time to park the car back in the garage.

2. The spare room will do
Often dubbed 'the storage room'. Everyone knows the room where you store the ironing board, all gym equipment, clothes you will fit into again one day, etc. This room can be used for something much more exciting like a man-cave, a guest room, a hobby room, office or just a relaxing escape with a book. So what's stopping you? Start the process now by checking out our Space Estimator and getting a quote to see how you could soon be enjoying the room you are paying for.

3. You're a hoarder!
You may have no space at home simply because you don't throw things away and the extra clutter is taking up all your space. Though not strictly a self storage tip it is a great space saver... throw it away. If you cannot bring yourself to get rid of it then simply put it in your own self storage unit, where you lock and you keep the key.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 09 September 2013 | Tips And Hints