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5 Mistakes You Don't Have To Make When Moving

If you are moving home for any reason this is a must read. At Stor-Age we have thousands of tenants that are using self storage because they are moving to a new home, renovating, downsizing, cleaning up or even parking their car in the garage again. That means we have a great idea of what to do and what not to do when moving. Here are five tops tips for moving.

1. Do get some help
You may think you can do it all by yourself and in one day and that there is no need to hassle your friends or get an expensive quote for labour. In fact you are probably right, you could. However at the end of the day you will be completely finished and not able to enjoy your new home or arranging anything else. In our experience a professional removals company takes a huge amount of stress out of moving and allows you to get on with all the other little details. If you are worried about costs we found that friends can be easily bribed with the promise of a little lunch.

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2. Don't do it at the beginning or end of the month
OK, this sounds easier than it actually is but here is why. Removals companies often price like airline tickets. The more sought after the more it costs. Most people move at this time and as such the costs are drastically escalated at this time. If at all possible try and move in the middle of the month and save yourself some cash.

3. Do use proper boxes
Who hasn't dumped all their clothing into large plastic bags and then thrown them on the back of a truck to move? This is definitely quick and easy but your clothes will be creased. The time it takes as well as the costs involved in getting all of your clothes back to a wearable condition far out-weigh the time it will take to pack correctly in the first place. In addition fragile items, such as glasses or kitchenware are far better protected in proper packing boxes.

4. Don't forget about your children
Children generally do not enjoy moving day but there are a few ways for you to keep them entertained. Check out our tips for keeping the kids happy while you move blog post.

5. Do use self storage
What are your options for storing your valuables while you move?
- Removals company, where you pay each time you need access to your goods and you need to phone ahead.
- Container or mobile storage, where you pay each time you need access to your goods and you need to phone ahead.
- A friend, where you will need to ask if you want access and where you could overstay your welcome.
- Self storage, choose the unit size that suits you, come and go as you please with no extra cost and no need to book ahead.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 29 November 2013 | Tips And Hints