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5 Not To Be Missed Tips From Our Self Storage Experts

If you thought packing and storing would entail throwing most of your belongings into black bags and borrowing a few boxes from mates before making 43 trips in your car to the new spot was all there was... you're wrong. Moving and storing is in fact one of the most stressful things you can do. It is right up there with getting married or having a baby. At Stor-Age we make it our duty to ensure your storage experience is as simple and stress free as possible. Here are five handy self storage tips to make your packing storing that much easier.

1. Use Boxes
Using proper boxes that are a uniform size and reinforced ensures that they won't fall over and damage your valuables while in storage. You can borrow old boxes or even find some behind grocery stores but these are often damaged or contain old food items on them. It really is a case of the the more you invest the better your valuables will be taken care of while in storage. Why not check out our packaging options, you can collect from any store in South Africa.

2. Rent A Van
Yes you can make all the trips in your car and yes this is cheaper. But who has two days to make all those trips and what about the fuel cost. You can drastically reduce the number of trips and thus the time it takes to store by hiring a van or trailer. Remember if you are using Stor-Age then you get one free trip on our van*. Did you know if you buy packaging from us we can deliver your order with the same van trip that you book?

Stor-Age Self Storage van

3. Ask For Help
Manual labour! Moving, packing and storing requires heavy lifting and a lot of it. Trying to move everything yourself just adds to the stress. Call in your friends to help move, many hands make light work. If you need some leverage in order to get you friends to help you move check our blog post, Five Ways To Get Your Friends To Help You Move. We are also here to help those who could be roped into the hard work so here is a blog for Five To Get Out Of Helping Your Friends Move.

4. Shop Around
Choose your storage company carefully. The most expensive may not be the best and the cheapest may actually be the cheapest for a reason. It is important to visit the self storage company you choose. Look out for a clean facility with good access control and adequate security measures. Remember if they are not looking after their own property they probably won't look after yours. Take a store tour of some of our facilities online.

Shop around for self storage

5. Take It Easy
It is easy to become overwhelmed with everything that needs to be moved, arranging transport, arranging storage, arranging labour and finding boxes. Try and start as early as possible and work in only one room at a time. Most importantly remember we are here to help and we are the one stop solution shop for any storage requirements. Check out our self storage tips and hints page for more information. Ask us... we would love to help.

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 14 December 2015 | Tips And Hints