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5 Reasons To Buy Proper Boxes When Moving

We recently had another incident where a tenant in one of our units had their boxes collapse inside their self storage unit. They were not there at the time, thank goodness, but it did highlight the need to ensure that when you pack, proper boxes make the difference. Not only will it prevent damage to your goods but it will hopefully prevent any injury to you or your loved ones. So while it may be cheaper to head down to your local shopping centre and ask to have a few boxes they are throwing out, it is not always the safest and could end up costing you a lot more than the price of a new box.

Top five reasons to buy proper boxes
  1. You can ensure uniform size and this easier packing and stacking
  2. Walls of boxes are not damaged and they should be double walled for extra support
  3. New boxes don't have damp patches causing a side to sag and thus collapse
  4. New boxes are clean. Older boxes may have held food items which can attract pests and rodents
  5. A durable box allows you to stack higher. This saves you floor space in the self storage unit and puts money back in your pocket

Please remember that it is not enough just to buy the right boxes, you must also make sure you pack these boxes properly. For example filling a very large box with heavy books is not a great idea as it will be difficult to move the box later. As a guideline, the heavier the object the smaller  the box should be. For more self storage tips and hints visit our website.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 02 July 2012 | Tips And Hints