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5 Things In Your Home You Need To Trash

The sheer volume of goods that people store with us means we have put some very strange things into our self storage units. But did you know that many of the things stored have neither financial or sentimental value and are taking up valuable space in your home or self storage unit. Here is a list of 5 items you should probably put in the trash to start decluttering your home.

1. Magazines and newspapers
You know the ones under the coffee table or in the toilet that you will read again for sure! Time to throw them away, they clutter your home and can't be sold for any great value. Surprisingly people choose to keep these in self storage when moving home and end up paying for more storage boxes and a larger self storage unit. Suddenly a few cheap magazines are quiet an expensive keepsake.

2. Children's clothes
"For the next child, we will definitely need these." You are not sure yet if it will be a boy or a girl and you have not even discussed if there will be a next child. Unless you want to dress your new baby in moth-eaten clothes from a decade before they were even thought of, it's time to declutter the home. Put them in a bag and give them to a friend who is going to have a baby.

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3. Old clothes
The simplest and most effective rule for keeping your cupboards respectable is the 'one in, one out' rule. If you buy a new dress then an old dress has to leave. Yes we know it hurts but it will save you keeping black bags full of unused clothes in the 'top cupboard'. Think about the good you will be doing by donating these clothes and go for it today.

4. Kitchen appliances
How many coffee machines are buried deep in the kitchen cupboards? Do you have a pancake maker, donut maker, snackwhich maker, grill, fondue set etc. Time to check what you actually use and clean out the kitchen. Be honest with yourself, if it is broken and you have not fixed it in the last year, it's time to throw it out. If you don't use it then sell it or donate it.

5. Broken exercise machines
If you are honest it doesn't even have to be broken, you are not using and you are not going to use it, despite whatever your new year's resolution was. You could off course keep it in a self storage unit but we recommend you use that money for a gym membership. Once it is gone you will find more space at home and hopefully a little more relaxtion... after you have been to the gym of course.

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 16 January 2014 | Tips And Hints