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5 Tips For Protecting Your Goods In Self Storage

Storing your goods until you need them again is simple with self storage but make sure you take a few simple steps to protect the items you store and avoid the hassle of repairs or replacements later. These packaging tips could save you cash in the long run.

1. The first thing to do is make sure your goods are covered and this really is as simple as it sounds. Use mattress bag covers to enclose your mattress and cover furniture like dining room tables and couches. This will prevent dust build up and adds a protection factor against scratches on wooden surfaces. For added protection use some bubble wrap to wrap around the legs and corners of your furniture.

2. Bubble wrap can also be used on refrigerators, ornaments and paintings or pictures. It is a great way to protect your goods from the little bumps and knocks expected while in transport to and from your self storage unit. Remember that once in the self storage unit there is usually very little movement, it's during the transportation of your goods that damage may occur. To prevent movement once in your unit make sure you use a sturdy packaging box with a double sided wall. Most reputable removals companies or self storage stores should provide this.

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3. When packing your fragile items like glassware and ornaments you can also use tissue paper and a good box. Wrap each item individually before placing in the box. You can always use newspaper for this but remember that often the ink rubs off onto your items and could potentially ruin your ornaments. Tissue paper will avoid this and is relatively inexpensive. Remember to put a fragile sticker on these boxes and stack them on top of heavier items.

4. A great tip for packing goods for your self storage unit is to label your boxes. Make use of a good permanent marker and write the room and some content description on every side of the box. That way you can see what is in the box from any angle and no matter how you pack your self storage unit. It also helps when you are moving the boxes into your new home or premises, you can quickly identify where the box should go and take it straight to that room.

5. The last thing to do to make sure you protect items in self storage is ironically the first thing you should do. Take a look at buying discounted packaging bundles items. Most reputable companies should offer packaging bundles or at worst some bulk discount and when you are moving many items then this can potentially save a significant amount of cash. These bundles are designed to give you everything you need to make your move as simple and hassle free as possible.

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 14 September 2012 | Tips And Hints