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6 Most Awkward Spaces

Ever been caught in an awkward space like your boss' office or perhaps meeting the parents for the first time? Here are six of the most awkward spaces to be in that would make most people want the ground to open up so they could hide.

1. Walking into the wrong room.
First day of school, university or job and you think you have the correct room only to realise you are in the wrong place with the wrong people. It's decision time, do you stay and pretend you belong or do the awkward about turn and hurry out.

2. An elevator trip with the awkward new guy from accounts.
Only seventeen more floors to either end the awkward silence or stop the inane chatter. Your first mistake was getting into the elevator or perhaps not getting out... even if this is not your floor. There should really be personal space training in the office.

6 Most Awkard Spaces by Stor-Age

3. Shooting a wave to someone you think you know... you don't.
Hey! Uh, no not you, the guy behind you. This can get more awkward depending on who is with you and knows you don't know the person you just waved at or if the person you just waved at giggles with their friends.

4. Talking to someone who has just walked away from you.
Ever been shopping looking at items chatting to your friend. After a while they walk away while you carry on the conversation. Extra points if the store assistant sees you or the friend standing next to you is now replaced with a complete stranger.

5.Chatting to someone you like for ages then finding out you had food in your teeth.
Right, make a good impression and smile a lot. Little do you know that smile is doing more harm than good. I see you had broccoli for lunch, at least it's healthy.

6. Finding the toilet will not flush and someone is waiting to come in.
This can be in public restrooms or at someone's house. No amount of pleading, "That wasn't me!" Is going to help you in this situation. You may as well just accept you are in an awkward place.

If you are looking for some space to call your own where there is no fear of being awkward, a self storage unit is a great place to hide. Check out our handy storage space estimator to choose the unit size that fits your shame!

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 25 July 2014 | Take A Break