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7 Fantastic Hiding Places For Your Gifts This Festive Season

It's that time of year where everyone is frantically running around the shops or surfing their time away on the internet in search of the elusive best gift ever! The truth is finding the gift is only half the job. The other half is making sure the person getting it doesn't find it. There are the obvious hiding places such as under the bed or in the top cupboard. We decided to come up with a few more interesting places to help keep your festive season a surprise.

1. A friend's house
Do a swap, they store at your place and you store at theirs. This means you won't really have to hide anything. Just remember that if you do hide them and your receiver finds it they could get excited about a present that they are not going to get! Que the disappointed face when unwrapping.

2. At work
A great place to hide presents is at work away from prying eyes. Make sure you don't have the unwritten office fridge code, if it's in the fridge it belongs to the first person who gets it. It would be devastating to find your present gone when you are looking for it. Lockable desk drawers are great for smaller gifts, larger gifts may need a better solution.

3. Under dirty washing

This depends entirely on who does the washing in the house. We can bet it's not the children and who wants to go rummaging in dirty washing anyway. If it is always up to you to do the washing then this may be one of the most ideal places to hide your gifts. Bear in mind that the gift may come out smelling of stinky socks, plan your dirty washing pile accordingly!

4. Ceiling
All though this requires a ladder and some stealthy moves when placing them, this is one of the most secure places to hide your gifts. Even if someone suspects they are there the shear effort to go up is a great deterrent. Of course the deterrent stands when you have to bring them down to wrap, place under the tree or give the gift.

5. Under the tree
Out in the open you say! Wrapped and under the tree is safer than you think. No need to look for the perfect hiding place here, just wrap it like it will never be opened again to avoid tampering. You may need to keep an eagle eye on the professional 'unwrapper' but at least you won't have to worry about them discovering your hiding place. Another good tactic is to warp the gift in an oddly shaped box to throw them off of guessing what it is.

6. In the spare tyre in the car
In the boot (trunk) of the car is too easy to find but in the spare tyre under the boot is much harder. You always run the risk of someone spotting the gift every time you open the boot but not if it is under the cloth and in the spare tyre. There may not be much space in there so larger gifts will need another hiding place but smaller gifts are ideal. You could even put it in the toolkit box for an extra layer of protection.

7. Stor-Age
A self storage unit is clean and secure. The best part? You lock and you keep the key. If you are the only one with a key then there is no chance of anyone finding your gifts. You can come and go as you please making fetching the gifts or adding more a breeze. Contact us today for a quote on 0861 18 18 18 or get a price online

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 18 November 2016 | Tips And Hints