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Five Tips To Free Up Space On Your Phone

We could all use a little more space in our lives, and not just for our stuff. In today’s digital world storage space for files is at a premium too. iPhone users will be all too familiar with the ‘Storage Nearly Full” notification that appears all too often. It is with this in mind that we have found five great ways to save storage space on your phone!

1. Clear App Caches.
On some devices, the Instagram app takes up a vast amount of space due to an older version of the app being used. Follow the instructions here to see how deleting and reinstalling the app can reduce the amount of space it take on your phone. 

2. Make Use of Streaming Services
Rather than downloading music or video to your phone, stream it! With great apps and platforms to stream from such as Spotify, SoundCloud and of YouTube.

3. Delete Text Messages That Contain Pictures.
Particularly on the iPhone models where there is no cache style storage similar to most apps. This means that every text message thread is stored on your phone and taking up valuable storage space.

4. Back Up Your Device Regularly.
Whether backing up your phone to a computer or to the cloud, a regular back up will always ensure that your device has free space on it. By backing up cached information and data to the cloud or a computer more room will be left free on your mobile device.

5. Remove old photos manually. 
Create a folder on your computer and use this as an album filled with your photos. Not only does this free space but it gives you the opportunity to declutter your phone and to create unique sub folders so you never have to spend ages hunting for that dreamy holiday pic you took in Mozambique three years ago ever again. 

Take these 5 steps and create just a bit more digital space for yourself, because nobody wants that perfect moment to escape due to a lack of space. 

If not even these tips will save your space problems, give us a call on 0861 18 18 18 or take a look at the Stor-Age website. We’d love to solve your problem and make some space for you!

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 06 February 2017 | Tips And Hints