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Make Some Space For Your Guests This Holiday

Tip 1: Find a Bed

If you have guests staying over you need somewhere for them to sleep. Pull-out sofas and daybeds are the obvious choice but they're not to everyone's taste or budget. A good air mattress is comfortable and doesn't take up too much room (TIP: store it inside a suitcase when not in use). If you've got kids, consider putting guests in their room while having the kids bunk with you or sleep on the sofa (little people take up less room after all).

Tip 2: Remember, Guests Come With Stuff

Consider where your friends are going to put their suitcases when they arrive, even if it's just clearing a generous area on the floor. If you can allocate a small table, a shelf on the bookcase and a section in the coat closet for hanging things, all the better.

Tip 3: Consider Your Non-Bedroom Like a Bedroom

Perhaps you fall asleep on the sofa occasionally but your guests will be trying to get some serious rest in this room, so think like it is your own bedroom. Do the curtains keep out enough light to get some shut-eye? Is there a draft coming under the front door that makes it cold at night? Is there street noise? (TIP: extra blankets for the cold and earplugs for the noise).

Guest Room

Tip 4: Throw in Some Extras

Make sure to supply your guests with a power point for charging phones and tablets, this is always appreciated, as is your Wi-Fi password written on an easily-accessible card. A little welcome gift will also go a long way to make your guests feel at home (who doesn’t like a chocolate on their pillow).

Tip 5: Everyone Needs Some Privacy

A folding screen can lend a little privacy to an open plan living area turned bedroom, which is ideal in the mornings or evenings if everyone has different routines. Working out a shower schedule is another necessity that feels like micro-managing at first but helps everyone feel more comfortable.

Tip 6: Book a Self Storage Unit

The easiest way to make some space for your guests, is to book a self storage unit. With a wide variety of unit sizes and convenient store locations nationwide, Stor-Age can help you make the space you need this holiday season. Not sure what size to choose, check out our space estimator.


Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 11 December 2017 | Tips And Hints