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Stor-Age Launch New Customer Website

Stor-Age are excited to announce the launch of their completely redesigned customer website. The site has undergone a complete facelift and boasts a new responsive design that improves both its display and user friendliness. Not only is the new site more functional and easier to use, it also happens to look great too.

The new responsive website has a contemporary, user-friendly feel, which allows the user to experience an adaptive display dependent on the type of device being used to access the site.  One of the key attributes of the new website is its ability to allow a customer to complete the move-in process in under five minutes from anywhere in the world, a feature that is unrivalled in the local self storage industry. This integrated seamless process is one which will see customers be able to engage with Stor-Age in a more efficient and effective manner.

Further features include the ability to share to social media and an intelligent search functionality. Both functions are in keeping with the customer centric approach to the new design which aims to promote ease of use as well as access to key information whilst being aesthetically pleasing.  The contemporary look, while true to the Stor-Age brand, is in keeping with modern international trends and keeps Stor-Age at the forefront of the local industry in this regard.

As the world becomes more digitally based and mobile devices are the predominant choice of internet users, we believe this is the perfect opportunity to adapt and improve one of the key aspects of the business. Whilst this adaptation has seen a new look and feel and a lot of change, it has retained the core features designed for the ease of use for the customer. These include the space estimator as well as the aforementioned online quoting system which are key elements in the addressing of customer needs in the online space.

Don’t just take our word for it, go have a look at the new site here and you could see just how easy it is to get moved in at a Stor-Age facility near you.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 23 January 2017 | News And Events