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Stor-Age Tokai Goes Green

Stor-Age Tokai has recently undergone a ‘facelift’ with the installation of a complete solar photovoltaic system for the generation of its three phase power requirements. The installation went live last week and is the second store in our portfolio to be fitted with this technology as part of our ‘test phase’ for the product.

The first store at which this technology was installed was Durbanville in September 2013. The Durbanville ‘prototype’ installation has seen electrical consumption savings of almost 80% on a like-for-like property basis. We are excited to now be testing the technology at a Tokai, which has a higher power consumption requirement.

In addition to our use of the solar power generated on site, we are also in the process of finalising our agreement with the City of Cape Town to push excess power generated during daylight hours back into the grid. The installation of the photovoltaic system is in keeping with one of Stor-Age’s core values of sustainability. The new solar system will lower strain on the environment by not placing a reliance on traditional power generation methods. We hope that other businesses in South Africa will aim to follow this green initiative.

In addition to the solar photovoltaic system many Stor-Age properties make use of LED light fittings to achieve electricity savings of up to 70%, placing a lot less pressure on the Eskom grid.  Not only do these lights last up to six times longer than other energy-saving tubes, they also do not contain the harmful elements such as mercury and lead which ordinary fittings do. “The Stor-Age Table View branch was the first of its kind in the self storage industry to employ such eco-friendly measures.” Says Gavin Lucas, CEO of Stor-Age. “We see it as part of our corporate social responsibility to ensure our stores adhere to international standards when it comes to infrastructure that supports the environment.” As a business we are proud of this initiative as it reinforces our commitment to sustainability and reaffirms our contribution to the local community in which we operate and serve.

Typical energy consumption at Stor-Age properties is predominantly grid electricity for lighting, lifts, general power, heating, cooling and ventilation. These all result in ‘indirect’ off site power station carbon emissions.

Store electricity consumption has been reduced at our new properties by the introduction of the following

  • Motion sensor lighting is installed in all new properties with light fittings spaced at optimum distances to both reduce the number of fittings used and the energy consumed, taking cognisance of operating standards and requirements.
  • LED light fittings are installed as a standard feature in all new properties both internally and externally. LED light fittings are estimated to save up to 70% of consumption versus standard fittings.
  • Solar panelled hot water cylinders are installed for hot water in both the retail store and security office.
  • Engaging a third party service provider who has installed electrical meters at two of our properties for a trial period. These meters are fitted complete with a modem and transmitting device so that energy consumption can be monitored in real time from head office. We are currently assessing this service during an initial 12 month trial period with the aim of incorporating energy consumption into our Store Manager KPI targets each month to ensure accountability at a property level. If successful, we aim to introduce this technology at all stores across the portfolio in the medium term.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 07 April 2017 | News And Events