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Tips to moving home

Now that we have been given a window to move home over the next month, South Africans across the country are making plans to take the opportunity. With a lot to arrange in a short space of time, running out of space can quickly become an issue as you move from one home to the next, especially if removals companies are backlogged.

When it comes to moving homes, there is a lot to do and so in this blog post we share a few tips on how to make the move a little easier.

moving home tips

Tips for moving home

  • Box it up

It’s important to make sure that you have plenty of boxes before you get started with packing up your home. Asign boxes to specific rooms by clearly labelling them. Use strong tape to make sure that the boxes are stable and secure. If you’re looking for boxes, we’ve got you covered! View our list of packing items.

  • One room at a time

Pack up one room at a time and make sure you clearly label your boxes. This will help to avoid confusion when unpacking, it will also make the whole process a lot less time consuming.

  • Easy does it

Don’t let your packed boxes become too full or too heavy. A great way to check this is to try to pick it up, if you can’t pick it up with ease, then it’s probably too heavy.

  • Furniture

When disassembling furniture, put all of the loose bits and pieces (screws, legs, bolts etc into a bag and attach it to the piece of furniture. This will avoid losing some important pieces to assemble your furniture in your new home as well as save you time looking for it.

  • Take your time

Breathe. This process doesn’t need to be rushed. If you are uncertain about how much you can fit into your new place, put them in storage while you make a decision. That way when you are in the space you can add to each room piece by piece while knowing that your items are safe and secure.

  • Move

Moving your items can be made a lot easier when you have the right vehicle to pack all your items into. Hiring a van can be an easy solution for this. Did you know that we are offering free van rental for the next month?

When it comes to moving home, space can quickly become an issue. Don’t stress about where to store your household items while you move from one home to the next, use self storage. It’s a safe and secure solution for when you do have to move. Plus, we are offering a free month of self storage if you reserve your unit before 20 May 2020. Give us a call on 0861 18 18 18 to find out more.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 08 May 2020 | Tips And Hints