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Unconventional Uses for Self Storage

To many people self storage is a place where you dump extra stuff that you don’t need or a place to keep your things when you move. With this in mind we decided to offer up some of the more unconventional ways we have had our customers use our facilities.

Outdoor Goods Storage
A group of customers at one of our facilities in Cape Town make use of a small unit as a place to keep their surfboards. Every morning before their surf they meet and collect their boards from the facility before making their way to catch some waves. This is a great example of how a storage unit can be an extension of the home as a garage or sports locker where outdoor goods can be kept for when they are needed.

Seasonal Fashion Usage
Other clients use our facilities as an extension of their wardrobe by storing their out of season fashion items. Nothing takes up space in a summer wardrobe like a huge winter coat and the easiest way to free up space is to not have it in the cupboard at all. Keep your outfits fresh and your look “on fleek” with all your seasonal wear in one place. Never worry about having to search for that hot summer top that is simply “to die for” amongst piles of sweaters, jerseys and other winter items ever again!

Workshop and Workbench
The garage used to be an absolute man cave with a work bench and tool cupboards where man would go to fix things or at least to pretend whilst hiding from their wives. The modern day garage is a place to park your car and hang your washing so it’s no surprise that some clients use our units as a work space where they can store their tools and collect what they need for the task at hand.


Band Practice Venue
Everyone dreamed of being in a garage band at some stage in their youth, but with the limited space in today’s houses it is not a reality for many. However our facilities can be the ideal place to cut loose and rock out while you relive the dreams of your younger years. With no neighbours to complain and space for as many adoring fans as you can cram into your unit, it’s the perfect spot to reignite your rock career.

With so many ways to use self storage there is bound to be a way for you to come try us out! Take a look at our website and use the Space Estimator to find the perfect space for you!

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 27 January 2017 | Tips And Hints