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Ever wondered what people like to store at Stor-Age?

What sort of things do people keep in self storage that they do not need to keep in their homes? We look at the five most commonly stored types of items at our facilities all over South Africa.

Most people make use of self storage as place to store their excess furniture. Whether it is young couples that have just moved in together, older couples who have down sized, people who have bought new furniture but just can’t get rid of the old stuff and of course students who move out of residences during the university holidays each year.

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Outdoor Lifestyle Goods
Whether it’s camping, fishing, surfing or mountain biking, South Africans love the great outdoors, but with so little space indoors for all your outdoor stuff, there’s often a need for more than just a little extra room. Many of our customers use their unit as an extension of their home and find that being able to come and grab their outdoor goods whenever they need them is the perfect way to enjoy their lifestyle without having it take over their home!

There just never seems to be the right space in the office for all that pesky filing that you never use but can’t throw away. You never know when you may be asked for that document from four years ago, so you really do need to hold onto it. We find that our storage facilities are the perfect place are just the right place to ensure your office space never gets cluttered. Not only will we keep your documents safe and sound, but you can come visit them any time between 7AM and 7PM too.

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Whether it’s an investment vehicle, a weekend toy or just a lack of parking space at home, cars of all shapes and sizes find their way into our storage facilities. From a Ford Model T right through to Porsches and Lamborghinis, we’ve had some impressive guests stay with us at Stor-Age.

Far too often a surge in demand causes a big order to be placed by an SME only for the poor business owner to realise he has no space to put it. When your house starts turning into your warehouse there’s only one place to go. With multiple unit sizes and flexible lease periods could there be any better place than Stor-Age. Helping you find space for that HUGE order that your favourite client is what we do best, but we’ll make sure we’re there for you when you’re waiting for it to arrive too.

Do you have any of the above items that you’d like to store? Who knows what a difference a little extra space could make to your life? Give us a call on 0861 18 18 18 or visit our website to get a quote today.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 17 March 2017 | News And Events