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Why We Firmly Believe in Good Customer Service

At Stor-Age, we pride ourselves on our core values of excellence, relevance, sustainability and integrity. We believe that excellent customer service should be at the very heart of all that we do.

Almost all of our customers, whether an individual or a business, choose Stor-Age because they are experiencing a transition in their lives. We understand that some transitions can be very difficult. We aim to make such transitions a little easier, by looking after and caring for their treasured possessions, the same way that we would care for our own possessions – with care and total commitment.

This is an ethos that we instil in all of our team members, and as a result we are fortunate to have a team of determined individuals who consider their role within Stor-Age as not just a job, but something they believe in and are passionate about.

 Siwa from Stor-Age in Durban

Siwa Mlobeli from Stor-Age


One of our newest clients, Cheryl, recently sent us an email with incredibly encouraging words.

Cheryl had relocated to Durban, as a single woman with five dogs. Upon arrival in Durban she realised she had become a victim of fraud, and found herself without a place to live or to store her belongings. After contacting Stor-Age, one of our dedicated employees, Siwa Mlobeli, arranged to store all of Cheryl’s belongings at a nearby store at the last minute and without ever meeting her.

With five dogs, Cheryl then went to meet with Siwa, and after what she had been through was understandably distraught. Siwa and his manager calmed Cheryl, offering her coffee and assurance.

“Just his manner in telling me I would come right helped me through what was the worst time of my entire life.  I was hysterical. Once I found a house to move to, my first furniture removal guy shouted and screamed at me at your depot and once again, your young man Siwa was hugging me and telling me it would be ok.’’

Siwa arranged, on his own accord, a removal truck to assist Cheryl.

“I have not experienced such friendliness or help from anyone here in Durban like he has done for me and can only say that you have an employee in your Durban branch whom you can be so very proud of.”

These heart-warming words from Cheryl are testament to the quality of service that we aim to offer all of our customers.

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 13 April 2018 | News And Events